Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 12) – Everyday Life with Monster Girls

This is it, the final episode. How will Monster Musume decide to end it all off? With some crazy battles, or more everyday slice of life content? Whichever they choose, hopefully there’s some ecchi in there!

Everyday Life with Monster Girls

In the first half, the dullahan had mentioned that Kimihito is close to death. The girls, mistaking the dullahan for the grim reaper, grab him and run away. Eventually she catches them, but then Smith shows up and threatens the dullahan, while also letting her live with Kimihito. In the end, the dullahan is just really edgy.

In the second half, Kimihito can’t afford to keep the fridge stocked with food. So he and the girls go out and try to scavenge as much food as they can from the markets, river, and forest. After they gather enough for a feast, Smith arrives and mentions that he can just expense everything to the government.

Episode Thoughts

Two thoughts here.

First is that nothing really happened this episode. Which isn’t a bad thing at all, considering how often anime like this try to conjure up some drama in the final episodes to end on a bang (and it usually just doesn’t work in my opinion)! So I actually applaud the anime for sticking a good landing in that regard.

Second is that there wasn’t all that much ecchi, compared to other episodes for sure. I feel like part of the reason I prefer when anime go this route (no drama) in the end is because they can give us more ecchi to end with. Typically when anime go for the action / drama ending they sacrifice fan service to do so, and that’s usually what bothers me about those kind of endings. In this case, it seems like a little bit of missed potential. They could have given us a little fan service from all of the girls in the final episode or something.

Ecchi Highlights

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