Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 2) – Everyday Life with a Harpy and Centaur

We’re back with the second episode of Everyday Life with Monster Girls. If episode 1 wasn’t titillating enough, just you wait till you see what episode 2 has in store for you! You will not be disappointed!

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

Everyday Life with a Harpy and Centaur

The day after the events from last episode, Kimhito and Miia are doing laundry on the roof when Kimhito is abducted by a harpy! We find out her name is Papi. She takes him to a nearby park, where Kimhito discovers that she’s not very smart and ran away from the government program she was with, learning about the human world. Kimhito ends up feeding her ice cream, she takes a bath in the fountain, and then Miia shows up which causes some madness. In the end, things end up getting settled with Smith showing up and giving Papi to Kimhito to care for.

The NEXT day after that, Kimhito goes grocery shopping early in the morning. On the way home, a well-endowed centaur bowls him over. Her name is Centoria. She begins talking to Kimhito when a woman’s purse is snatched by a man on a moped. Centoria grabs Kimhito and begins chasing after the man. Things get a bit out of hand during the chase, but eventually they catch the man. Kimhito ends up protecting Centoria from the man, Smith ends up giving Kimhito custody of Centoria, and the rest is history…

Episode Thoughts

I’m actually a bit surprised I stopped watching this series at the second episode way back around when it first aired. It’s hilarious! So far, the pacing has been very quick, but that hasn’t stopped the show from giving us a ton of amazing ecchi content to enjoy. This anime is packed with great ecchi. And that’s in addition to all of the fun and crazy things that have happened so far. I’m pretty sure the entire anime has taken place over only three days, so it’s pretty nuts to think of how much has happened for poor / lucky Kimhito.

And the series doesn’t hesitate to show us some nipples, that’s for sure. My favourite moment from this one was during the moped chase, when Centoria slices a bunch of water jugs open because they were in her way, causing them to make her shirt wet. A great moment that I admit was hard to capture with screencaps because of all the movement.

Ecchi Highlights

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