Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 3) – Everyday Life Under Dangerous Circumstances

The everyday life of Kimhito continues as he now has to adjust to living with three monster girls, as if one wasn’t a handful enough! It seems the three monster girls all want Kimhito for themselves, resulting in some serious squabbles. In addition, Kimhito experiences his first full moon with monster girls!

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Everyday Life Under Dangerous Circumstances

The episode begins with the three girls arguing about who gets Kimhito, and begin fighting. While Miia and Centoria fight, Papi wants to take a bath so Kimhito goes with her, as the other two are preoccupied. Luckily Smith had provided a school swimsuit for Papi to wear in an occasion such as this. Unfortunately, the other two girls find out that Papi had snuck off with Kimhito and bust in.

Centoria then grabs Kimhito and dashes out. Papi and Miia soon catch them, and the fight begins once again. Smith happens to be in the area and spots them all viciously tugging on Kimhito, whips out her gun and fires some tranquilizer darts – they all hit Kimhito. When he awakes, Smith explains that there may be the possibility for him to marry one of the girls. That night, the girls whip into a frenzy over the subject of marriage, and also because there is a full moon. Kimhito somehow makes it through, his virginity intact.

Episode Thoughts

Well this episode was pretty fun, with once again some great fan service. However I will point out that this episode felt very samey, in that I feel like this premise is very common in harem anime. There’s almost always that one episode or at least scene where the girls all tear each other apart over the guy, before initiating a tug-of-war using the guy as the rope. It’s only expected that a harem would have these sort of tensions though I guess, even monster girls aren’t that understanding when it comes to sharing a guy!

I also like how the anime doesn’t shy away from giving us fan service of Smith. Mix some regular human ecchi content in there, although the fan service we get from the monster girls is basically just that anyways! Speaking of, the moment when Smith fires her gun and ends up shooting Kimhito three times was hilarious, and my favourite moment of the episode!

Ecchi Highlights

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