Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 4) – Everyday Life with a Slime

Dangerous circumstances dealt with, Kimhito’s everyday life with monster girls continues as the house is infiltrated by a slippery species! And with it, the harem expands once again!

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Everyday Life with a Slime

Shortly after the events of last episode, as the girls are still swooning over the possibility of marrying Kimhito, Miia enters the dining room only to be attacked by a slime. As this is anime, Miia immediately begins to feel ill after getting wet outside of the washroom. While Kimhito cares for Miia, the slime strikes again, and this time Kimhito and Centoria give it a thrashing, sort of. They both end up covered in slime.

And so, the two head off to wash up. While in the bath, the slime strikes for a third time. Centoria instinctively reaches for her sword, ends up grabbing Kimhito’s sword, and faints. The slime then takes on the form of a woman and begins washing Kimhito. Afterwards, while Kimhito consults Miia and Centoria about the slime, they find out that Papi has already befriended it, and named her Suu.

When Papi hears that Suu might get reported, as she might be an illegal species, she flies off with Suu. Kimhito chases after the two and after a series of events ends up growing to like Suu, and wanting to keep her around. Unfortunately the moment they get home they run into Smith…

Episode Thoughts

I got a good laugh out of Miia getting sick. One moment there’s a slime on her head, then it cuts to the OP, and then afterwards we see Miia laying on the couch, flush, with a cloth on her forehead. Getting wet outside of the washroom in anime? Not even once. And that’s my favourite moment of the episode.

Anyways, Suu seems like a fun addition to the cast. While she’s on the less intelligent side alongside Papi, she’s able to change her shape. And by that I mean change the size of her assets… which is actually pretty nice because variety is the spice of life, and something that tends to happen in ecchi anime is that seeing the same character’s assets over and over can get bland. So it’s nice that they can vary the size of Suu, although I have a feeling we’re only going to get two sizes: big and small, the two we see in this episode.

As prevalent as slimes are in fantasy, and slime women are in ecchi fantasy, I still can’t wrap my head around how they work. The way she’s portrayed here, it’s as if she’s the consistency of water sometimes, and others she’s more than that. Personally, I feel like a firmer slime girl, more like the consistency of jello, would probably be better. There’s just not enough friction / resistance with water, if you catch my drift… but I guess Suu can control this at will or something? Who knows.

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