Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 5) – Everyday Life with a Mermaid

With a slime now having joined the harem, things are, well just as crazy as before. Only now featuring a fairly mindless slime that likes to cause trouble. And create ecchi situations…

This Post Has NSFW Images!

Everyday Life with a Mermaid

A construction crew barges into Kimihito’s house in order to renovate the place. In the meantime, Miia, Papi, and Centoria escape into a nearby park with Suu in order to hide her from the government, as Suu is an illegal species or something like this. While hiding in the heat, the girls begin to sweat, which causes a thirsty Suu to go after them.

Kimihito goes out looking for the girls, and comes across a girl in a wheelchair, who he saves after she begins rolling down a hill at high speeds. He then goes to the park and finds the girls all slimed. They return home where they discover that a waterproof room has been added to the house. But it’s not for Suu, who Smith pretends doesn’t exist. Instead it’s for the girl in the wheelchair for earlier, named Mero, as she’s a mermaid and will be living there!

After that, Miia has a bit of a rivalry with Mero, before things settle down and they begin to get along.

Episode Thoughts

Well the show certainly wasted no time in utilizing Suu for fan service. I’ll admit despite the NSFW nature of this show I still was surprised to see how aggressive they were, so to speak… I guess the logic is that tentacles / slime is OK. I actually thought it was a bit much.

I didn’t think this was the funniest or most exciting episode. The harem drama with Miia going after the other girls is getting a bit old already, so I didn’t really think the second half of this episode was that entertaining. The comedy is really what has been making this series for me, as well as some of the shameless fan service.

Anyways we’ve got a mermaid in the mix now. Honestly, I’m not sure how to feel about that. Isn’t she very similar to a lamia at this point? Only she can’t move about easily, because she’s supposed to live in the water. Both seem so similar otherwise.

Overall, this episode wasn’t as good as the previous ones I think.
Still, there were some pretty explicit moments in this one!

Ecchi Highlights

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