Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 6) – Everyday Life with Shedding and Egg Laying

Everyday life with monster girls sure is something else. Who could have guessed that living with them could cause so many lewd situations to arise? And that’s only going to continue with some very unique situations…

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

Everyday Life with Shedding and Egg Laying

Miia tries to cook Kimihito a nice meal when a pot starts to boil over, so she picks it up using her hands and ends up burning them. As a result, she ends up needing help when the.. skin? starts to molt on her snake half. And so Kimihito ends up helping her, which ends up being a real lewd experience.

Later, Papi announces that she’s about to lay an egg. Some random dude with a camera shows up and asks to film the event, claiming to be a reporter or something. Centoria convinces Kimihito to let him in, as they are trying to show people that monster girls aren’t all that bad. The guy then begins to interview all of the girls, asking them perverted questions and filming their bodies. He even convinces Miia to sell him her molted skin.

However, just as Papi is about to lay her egg Suu reads the man’s thoughts and he is exposed. The girls and Kimihito beat him up and kick him out. The episode ends with the man talking to a spider woman.

Episode Thoughts

Well things certainly are getting weird. I’ve said before that I was never really a fan of monster girls, that ears + tail was usually enough for me. This episode basically reinforced this, with a snake shedding it’s skin and a girl laying an egg. I guess some people are into this sort of thing, maybe some of you reading this are into it even! But I sure can’t get into it. Still, I can’t fault the series for doing it. I respect that they just go for it.

Anyways, the interview guy was hilarious. The fact that he just randomly shows up and begins filming everything was funny. I guess the show is also introducing a villain maybe with the spider and the interview guy? Hard to say for sure though. We’ll probably see more of the spider girl soon, possibly the creepiest variant of monster girl we could come across.. right?

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