Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 7) – Everyday Life with MON and an Arachne

Well, we’re back with more monster girls. Quite a few more in this fairly exciting episode of Everyday Life with Monster Girls! Oh and there’s a spider woman… literally!

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

Everyday Life with MON and an Arachne

The episode opens up with an orc terrorist attack on a manga store. The orcs take hostages and demand more Orc x <insert fetish here> content. Apparently, even when people are kidnapped the police isn’t allowed to act, because humans aren’t allowed to perform acts of violence on non-humans. Even in self-defense situations.

Luckily Smith has a team of monster girls ready to save the day – a zombie girl, a cyclops, a doppelganger, and a.. I don’t actually know what she is, but she has a horn. Afterwards, they all visit Kimihito, but the episode actually cuts out before we get to see any interactions!

And the episode cuts to the spider woman from last episode. She’s on the run, and she has kidnapped Kimihito on his way home from the grocery store one night. We find out that she had a host family but they reviled her because of her spider-half, so she ran away and ended up with that sketchy guy from last episode. Anyways, she ends up teasing Kimihito a bunch in this warehouse, and when Smith and her team show up to rescue Kimihito, they find that the two actually get along.

And so Smith signs Rachnera up to join Kimihito’s harem.

Episode Thoughts

This episode moved really quick. The first half was awesome, and we got to see four new monster girls in Smith’s team, which was awesome. But it was so disappointing the way the episode showed the four girls showing up at Kimihito’s place, only to cut away to something else. I wanted to see interactions between the four new monster girls and Kimihito’s harem / Kimihito!

The second half was alright, but I didn’t like how all of the fan service was in this dark warehouse. I hate having to squint or turn up the brightness of my screen to see what’s going on. Plus it wasn’t all that exciting. Kimihito basically just charmed Rachnera by not being afraid of her, and then when the cops + Smith showed up, by telling her to run while he turns himself in.

This series still has plenty of time left to give us more fun interactions at least, so we’ll have to see where we go from here!

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