Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 8) – Everyday Life in Poor Health

So now that a spider is in the mix, what’s next for Kimihito and his monster girl harem?
More shenanigans with monster girls, of course!

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Everyday Life in Poor Health

The first half of the episode features some tension between Rachnera and Miia, as well as Centoria, as she keeps on making moves on Kimihito. Eventually this causes Centoria to grab Kimihito and run for it. The two end up encountering a gang of delinquents, and Rachnera comes to their rescue.

In the second half, Kimihito has come down with the deadly anime cold. Smith bursts onto the scene to claim that the cold could mutate and infect the monster girls, telling them to stay away. The girls then opt to train Suu, who is presumably immune to sickness, to take care of Kimihito in their stead. After Suu puts Kimihito through all of the various things the girls taught her, she then stays with Kimihito and helps him get better by keeping his forehead cool, simulating the go-to anime cure – a damp cloth on the forehead.

Episode Thoughts

The first half was clearly supposed to give us a situation that allows Rachnera to prove herself and sort of assimilate into the harem. That said, I didn’t think it was that funny or exciting. There were some moments where Rachnera tied up the girls, if you’re into that sort of thing!

The second half was pretty funny. Several moments were great, comedy and ecchi. My favourite comedy moment was when Mero tried eating some rice porridge Miia had made, and then she immediately has this very detailed vision of a witch giving her a cursed potion that will allow her to grow human legs.

I think this series is at it’s best when it mixes good comedy and ecchi like the second half of this episode did.

Ecchi Highlights

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