Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 9) – Everyday Life with Threatening Letters

Kimihito goes on a date with Smith, causing the other girls to become very jealous. Naturally, this leads to some classic harem misunderstandings, and from there we are introduced to another girl!

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Everyday Life with Threatening Letters

Kimihito goes on a date with Smith, and so the other girls decide to follow him and use various disguises to get close and listen in on their conversation. After moving from place to place, eventually the jig is up. Smith shows the girls a threatening letter that had been mailed to the house, and mentions that they were trying to draw the person out by going on a date in public.

After that, Smith tells Kimihito to go on dates with the other girls also. He ends up going on a date with Miia to an aquarium with Mero. Mero leaves them both alone but always manages to show up at the worst time. Finally, Mero joins in on a show with the dolphins, and Miia, feeling neglected, leaves. She runs into a lizardman who takes her away. Kimihito then shows up to the rescue, and it’s revealed that the lizardman is actually a dragon woman?

Episode Thoughts

Hmm, the episode was alright, but didn’t really feel like anything special. There were a few very ecchi moments where Suu begin sexually harassing the girls who were using her as a disguise, but other than that nothing in the episode really stood out to me. The dragon girl doesn’t seem like the type of character I’m a fan of, as she seems to have a phobia of men. Meaning she’s super, super tsundere, to the point where I don’t really understand the point of characters like this “joining” a harem.

Anyways, we’ll see where things go, as the dragon woman flies off so maybe she won’t actually join the harem. But then, I’m sure there’ll be some cliche moment where Kimihito saves her and all that.

Ecchi Highlights

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