Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Season One)

In typical fashion, it’s time to wrap up another ecchi anime and check it off the list. This time it’s the very lewd Everyday Life with Monster Girls. How do monster girls stack up against the usual ecchi?



Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Monster Musume) is a comedy / ecchi harem / slice of life anime that follows Kimihito, a boy who due to certain circumstances ended up applying to the government to live with a monster girl as part of a new program to try and integrate monster girls into Japanese society. Starting off with just Miia, the lamia, things begin to accelerate as Kimihito ends up interacting with more and more girls, many of whom incidentally end up living with him.


Monster Musume fits three primary categories: comedy, ecchi / harem, and slice of life. And I’d say it fits all three very well.

The series starts out very strong in the comedy department, although I felt like the comedy fell off as the series continued on. Maybe part of it is just getting used to the formula the show employs in regards to the monster girls interacting with regular society. Watching the girls get into trouble seemed to lose its comedic impact after a while. I’d say that overall the comedy was OK because of this.

The ecchi content in Monster Musume is superb. Naturally, like most ecchi anime, some episodes contain much more fan service than others. But overall I’d say that Monster Musume has more fan service than MOST ecchi anime out there. It’s clear that ecchi was the primary focus of this show. And it doesn’t hold back, with some seriously ecchi moments! As for the harem, it’s quite diverse which is pretty much all you can ask for from a harem, although I thought it was a little too big which I’ll get to next.

Finally, there’s the slice of life. As you can expect from the title of the anime, it’s about everyday life with monster girls. However, I’ve got a criticism in regards to this aspect of the anime. The harem is so big that the series has to constantly show these “introduction quests” so to speak, where Kimihito rescues a monster girl or does something to win her heart before she ends up living with him. It kind of takes away from the slice of life aspect in my opinion, just a bit.


Monster Girls

You’d think that because the series utilizes monster girls that the ecchi content would be much different from the typical anime. But the fact is, when we look for fan service / ecchi content, we look for basically the same things: boobs, butt, maybe some thighs… In other words, the ecchi content here is the same stuff. Since the monster girls all have human aspects to them, it’s generally more of the same in terms of boobs and butts.

The series does take a few passes at the monster aspects of the girls, but if you’re like me you won’t find any of that a turn on at all. Like a harpy laying an egg, or a centauress’ horse half… Not really appealing. I think the most appealing “monster” aspect would just be the slime girl who can maintain a human form, but is technically slime. Not really that crazy, but it’s still a little different from the usual human ecchi I guess.

Series Highlights

If you want to see the more NSFW content from the series, you’ll have to scroll down and check out the individual episode posts!


Story / Characters – Average

The main appeal of Everyday Life with Monster Girls is definitely the ecchi content. The actual story / characters is basically just a vessel to give us that. It’s a very average setup where a boy ends up stumbling into girl after girl who all either fall for him or develop enough of an interest that they’d like to join the harem. The slice of life aspect of the anime is generally just the girls getting into trouble and Kimihito trying to fix it, the girls getting jealous of each other, or the girls messing with Kimihito directly somehow.

Nothing crazy or exciting, but it gets the job done.

Ecchi Content – Smoking

Everyday Life with Monster Girls doesn’t hold back here. Ecchi is the anime’s reason for existing, no doubt. And some of the scenes get really lewd. Plus there’s a lot of nipples in this one. In the end, the series went all out here and I’d say it accomplished exactly what it set out to do. Many scenes had me surprised at how far they would go. Truly the definition of an Ecchi + series!

Wrapping Up…

In the end, if you’re looking for some serious ecchi content to sink your teeth into, with a mild twist in that the girls are monster girls, then look no further. I felt that the story and comedy is strong early, but gets stale quite quickly. However, the ecchi content is no joke, and many episodes have some very lewd scenes that won’t let you down!

If you want to check out my coverage of the individual episodes of the series, you can find all of those posts here:

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