Gleipnir (Episode 1) – Something Inside of Me

Gleipnir Title

Shuuichi Kagaya is a good student with good grades and an exciting future, but he has a secret that is forcing him to give it all up. For some unknown reason, he can transform into a stuffed dog mascot!

Something Inside of Me

Shuuichi gave up a recommendation to a good university so that he could keep a low profile and not reveal his other side. However, it continues to do its best to force his hand. His heightened sense of smell often leads him astray and one occasion he noticed a burning building and ran to see what was going on. Inside, he smelt a person. A girl. He had no choice but to awaken the monster within and enter the building. Having saved the girl, his animal instincts got the better of him for a second and almost made him do something unspeakable, but he regained control seconds before it was too late.

The next day, Shuuichi couldn’t find his phone and hoped that he hadn’t dropped it at the burning building. When he got to school, the girl he saved was waiting for him with his phone. She had some questions and wanted to see him at the end of the day. Clair revealed to him that she knew about the monsters, but he continued to play dumb. Not buying his story, she kicked him off the school roof and forced the transformation.

Clair took him back to her apartment so that they could continue their discussion, but they were interrupted by a masked intruder who demanded that Clair give her a coin that she believed was connected to the monsters. Clair looked to be in trouble, but Shuuichi transformed and restrained the girl. However, she was also a monster and was ready to fight for the coin!

Episode Thoughts

I actually watched this first episode back when it aired and didn’t have time to fit it into my schedule so am delighted to be able to revisit it. I remember enjoying it the first time around, but rewatching this first episode was a thrill. Shuuichi is a docile and timid a protagonist can be, especially for someone that can turn into a monster. However, he’s not the reason to watch this show. Clair is an absolute delight. She has the most amazing range of facial expressions and continues to make me want more.

There’s a lot of intrigue and mystery around this series and I’m looking forward to finally getting to see the rest and spend more time with Clair. It has a good mix of mystery, ecchi, and while there wasn’t much fighting in this episode, I feel like we will get plenty of it going forward. I’m excited!

Ecchi Highlights


Burn, Baby, Burn!

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Come on in!

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