Gleipnir (Episode 11) – The Price of Resolve

Gleipnir Title

With the threat of Madoka’s group appearing to be extinguished, Clair and Shuuichi return to their normal life aware that if even one member of the group escaped they would forever be in danger!

The Price of Resolve

In the initial aftermath of the fire, Sayaka decided to pull the group out and return home. Clair wasn’t happy with the idea, especially as Madoka’s group had seen their faces and there was no way of knowing if any of them had survived. The group did go home and spent the next few days worrying about being found. There was no rest or peace. It also appeared that Shuuichi’s friend, Abukawa hadn’t shown up to school in a while. Then, when a burnt body was found in the woods, it was believed to have been Abukawa.

Shuuichi went to see the Alien alone, determined to find out what happened to his memories and how his friend could have ended up with Madoka’s group. The Alien warned Shuuichi that sometimes it’s better to not know. After getting nowhere, Shuuichi left and headed to a scrapyard, aware that he was being followed. It was Taguchi, one of Madoka’s righthand men.

Taguchi believed that Shuuichi was weak and needed Clair to be strong, but he was wrong. Shuuichi quickly defeated Taguchi and then as he was trying to get some information out of him his phone rang. He answered it and spoke to Clair who heard something in the background. Shuuichi told her not to worry and that they were safe now. He hung up the phone and shot Taguchi as he tried to leave.

The Alien thought back to the time he first met a human. It was a girl called Honoka and she had found one of the coins. The Alien wasn’t too worried about collecting them all up, but Honoka suggested he make a game of it and reward people who found coins with wishes. She also decided that the first group of people she would bring in were her friends. I don’t think it went quite as she had planned.

Episode Thoughts

We got through so much information in this episode and it still seemed to fly by. The realisation that Elena and Shuuichi had been some of the first people to find coins was awesome. Clearly that was from the advanced learning class that Shuuichi attended and believed that he was the only one there. I can’t wait to find out how this all came together and what led to Shuuichi having his memories erased. I am wondering how we’re going to get all of this into the final two episodes though, so I shall start to call for a second season already.

Ecchi Highlights

After the Fire!

Shuuichi Needs Answers!

The Last Threat!


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