Gleipnir (Episode 12) – Where the Promise Was Made

Gleipnir Title

A flashback of Shuuichi’s past shows how everything came to be… and it’s not a happy story. Back in the present, Clair visited Shuuichi’s cram academy and discovered a very familiar-looking figure.

Where the Promise Was Made

Kaito was talking Naoto when he realised it had been a while since he’d seen the others from the cram academy, or more specifically Honoka. Naoto arranged for them all to get together, but Honoka didn’t show up. That was when Naoto told him that her father had apparently killed someone and Honoka had vanished not long after. Aiko told him to get over it and it would be best if he forgot all about Honoka.

Something that she said didn’t sit well with Kaito so he followed her and found his way to a rundown old hotel. There he found the alien who confirmed his suspicions. Honoka had become Aiko, but what happened to the real Aiko? When he asked the others what they should do, all said it best to leave things as they are, but Kaito couldn’t let it go.

He followed Aiko to the old cram school building and found her sitting in front of a grave. Kaito asked her if she could become Honoka again, but she said she couldn’t and that no one missed Honoka. He then slipped a rope around her neck and strangled her. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that Kaito discovered that Aiko had killed herself because she was being bullied and Honoka asked the alien to turn her into Aiko as she was the only one who knew.

Overcome with grief, Kaito visited the alien with a coin and made his wish. Soon after a mysterious glowing girl would appear before people and ask them what her name was. If they couldn’t answer they were erased… Shuuichi, Elena, and Naoto decided that they too would need to get a coin in order to stop Kaito.

Back in the present, Clair found the cram school and was calling Shuuichi as he finished his fight with Taguchi. When he hung up, she noticed a stuffed toy sitting on a shelf and it looked exactly like Shuuichi’s monster form!

Episode Thoughts

We got through so much information in this episode and it still seemed to fly by. The realisation that Elena and Shuuichi had been some of the first people to find coins was awesome. Clearly that was from the advanced learning class that Shuuichi attended and believed that he was the only one there. I can’t wait to find out how this all came together and what led to Shuuichi having his memories erased. I am wondering how we’re going to get all of this into the final two episodes though, so I shall start to call for a second season already.

Ecchi Highlights

The Reunion!

The Truth!

Kaito’s Justice!




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  1. Great episode. I normally don’t like flashbacks so much in storytelling, but this one in particular seemed to just fit into the main story so well, providing us with so many answers after we already knew Shuiichi had his memories hidden.

    Also that girl that makes people disappear is pretty creepy.
    Reminds me of the Japanese folk tale of the “Kuchisake-onna” or “Slit-mouthed woman”.
    A girl wearing a mask approaches you when you are alone in the middle of the night, and asks you if she is pretty.
    If you say no, she kills you.
    If you say yes, she takes the mask off to reveal that the sides of her mouth are cut all the way to her ears. She then asks you again, if you think she is pretty.
    After that, she kills you regardless of your answer, assuming you are lying if you say yes.

    Funniest part though is that in some versions of the folk tale, you can escape by throwing hard candies at her and running away.

    • Yeah, they got the creepiness just about right with her. It was such a powerful episode, I still get chills thinking about it.

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