Gleipnir (Episode 13) – We Two Are One

Gleipnir Title

Clair is worried for Shuuichi and tries to get to the bottom of things. They’ve also asked Sayaka’s team to hand over their coins and step away from the game, but will they be able to give it up and go back to a normal life?

We Two Are One

Clair and Shuuichi meet up with Yota and Chihiro to ask them to hand over their coins. That way, they can return to their normal lives and leave the task of finding one-hundred coins to them. They seem to agree, but Chihiro seems to be planning something. Later on, Clair convinces Shuuichi to let her come to his house. She has a feeling something isn’t quite right with him and wants to get to the bottom of it before they head into the mountains.

Of course, Shuuichi’s house is dusty and unkempt. Plants are dead and wilting, spiderwebs cover the windows. However, Shuuichi doesn’t seem to notice. When asked, he tells Clair that his parents work a lot so he is usually in bed by the time they get home. It doesn’t look like they’ve been there in a long time. When Clair pushes him on the subject something snaps and he tears open her shirt. He manages to regain control, but something is definitely not right.

Meanwhile, Chihiro has contacted Elena and plans on giving all of the coins Sayaka’s group have to her instead. They don’t trust Clair and Shuuichi after their last trip to the mountains. Clair and Shuuichi suspected as much and manage to arrive as the trade is being made. However, when Elena tries to dismiss things, Clair pulls out the stuffed toy that looks like Shuuichi’s monster form. His memories come flooding back including the time Honoka erased his parents, causing Elena to seal off his memories to protect him.

Regardless they fight, but the fight is interrupted by Honoka who can sense the bonds Shuuichi has with the group and comes to get him. He tries to fight back but Honoka is too powerful. Finally, Elena steps in and erases his memories once more causing Honoka to lose interest.

Elena tells Shuuichi and Clair to leave Kaito to them, but that’s not going to happen. They meet up with Sanbe and head into the mountains, but Kaito is waiting.

Episode Thoughts

There was a lot of ground to cover in this episode and it does feel a little rushed, but it was also so good! If nothing else, I’m glad they got it to where they did before the season ended. There’s much much more to get through and I hope that this means we will get a second season. It’s easily been one of the best anime I’ve seen this year.

So, my thoughts on what happened. It would appear that Honoka is drawn to memories that link people to her or Aiko as she was both Honoka and Aiko when she died. That means that anyone that knew them and had some sort of connection would call to her. That’s obviously why Elena locked away Shuuichi’s memories, but what about her own memories or Naoto. I’m assuming that her own power shields her from Honoka’s gaze. We’ve no idea about Naoto’s power or whether Elena did something to him too. Either way, there are a lot of questions that need answering and I shall be waiting impatiently for another season.

Ecchi Highlights


Shuuichi’s House!

The Mountains!

Coin Trade!

Not You Fight!

Not Giving Up!

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