Gleipnir (Episode 2) – What It Means to Be Empty

Gleipnir Title

Shuuichi grabs Clair and attempts to escape from Hikawa. They don’t get far before realizing that they have to stop her as she knows who they are. That’s when Clair finds the zipper on Shuuichi’s back and unzips him!

What It Means to Be Empty

Clair had created an opening for Shuuichi to finished her off, but he chose to run instead. Once they were far enough away, Clair explained the situation and how it was kill or be killed. Shuuichi didn’t know if he could do it or if he wanted to do it. As Clair tried to lift his spirits, she found a large zipper on his back and opened it. Inside there was nothing. Shuuichi was nothing more than a living costume…

With time running out, Clair decided to climb inside and see what happened. She took control of Shuuichi’s body and they each gained an insight into one another’s minds. Hikawa caught them up and demanded to the coin. Earlier, she had been failing as an athlete when she found a mysterious coin and followed some rumours to an abandoned hotel with a vending machine. When she put the coin in, a person came out and offered her a wish.

Her wish was to be able to run faster, but it also turned her into a monster. She wanted the other coin so that she could undo the wish. However, Clair had her own reasons not to give up the coin and fought back with Shuuichi’s body. Once she’d got the hang of it, she quickly ended the fight, breaking Hikawa’s leg and then shooting her.

Shuuichi struggled with what had happened and tried to return to life before the event, but Clair had gotten a taste for it. When Shuuichi said he wanted to die, she climbed up a balcony and jumped off, telling him she’d be waiting for him. He saved her. She then revealed that her sister had become a monster and killer her parents, leaving her the coin.

Episode Thoughts

Oh wow! This was dark and awesome. We got a better understanding of how the monsters come to be and even saw how Shuuichi became a monster. It was actually someone else who forced their wish on him because they liked him… As with the last episode, Clair is just too incredible. She is calm and collected, but also crazy and terrifying. But that smile. How could you say no?

Another thing I really want to mention was the music used in this episode. I hadn’t really noticed it in the first episode, but it made the atmosphere that much more intense. It was a spectacular episode and I can’t wait for more.

Ecchi Highlights


Going Inside!

Time to Fight!

Coming Out!

How was it for you?!

No Sweet Release!

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