Gleipnir (Episode 3) – Elena

Gleipnir Title

Clair convinces Shuuichi to smell her sister’s school uniform in the hopes of tracking her down. She killed their parents and by the smell of things, many, many more. But what will they do if they do find her?


Clair invited Shuuichi to her apartment and promptly stripped down. If she was going to go inside of him, she didn’t want to ruin her clothes. Shuuichi, however, seemed a little put off by that and suggested she wear her swimsuit. Once inside him, they practice moving and seeing what sort of control each of them has. Clair appears to have the top authority on how the body moves. After some training, Clair asks Shuuichi to smell her sisters’ uniform. She was aware of his sense of smell from their last fight and wants to use it to find her sister.

After smelling the uniform, Shuuichi tells Clair he will help Elena, but was also terrified of the stench of death that surrounded her. Clair is surprised but grateful. They decide to stakeout various busy areas around town in the hopes that someone will lead them back to Elena. One day, when they are about to give up, Shuuichi smells something foul. Clair runs to see who it is and is shocked to see it’s Elena.

She jumps inside of Shuuichi and plans to shoot her without warning, but Shuuichi intervenes at the last second. This, unfortunately, alerts Elena of their presence and fails to stop her. However, after Elena shifted her body behind Shuuichi something strange happens and she gets all shy and jittery. She asks if they could do this elsewhere and that she understands why he’s doing it.

When they finally get somewhere more secluded, Elena tells Shuuichi that she is the one responsible for his current form. This catches both Shuuichi and Clair off-guard and when Clair speaks, Elena realises that another girl is inside Shuuichi and loses control. She shifts behind Shuuichi and rips his head off…

Episode Thoughts

Yes, yes, yes! This series is amazing. The atmosphere it creates through music, images, and sound effects is just unbelievable. I think it took me several minutes to relax after this episode, and what an ending! Clair continues to be incredible and delivers several of her stunning grins. I can’t help but feel like Shuuichi missed an amazing opportunity to have Clair get inside of him naked. That sounds weird and it is, but in the context of the show, it makes perfect sense. Anyhow, I can’t believe I put this series off over some of the other shows I watched last season. Do yourself a favour and watch it now.

Ecchi Highlights


Quick Change!

Finding Elena!

It’s Her!

Let’s do this Somewhere Private!

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