Gleipnir (Episode 4) – I Wish I Was Someone Else

Gleipnir Title

After removing Shuuichi’s head, Elena tells Clair why she killed their parents. Thinking that Shuuichi was gone, Clair was about to kill herself when his severed head started to talk, but can it be reattached?

I Wish I Was Someone Else

Elena was surprised to find Clair inside Shuuichi and instead of killing her, she told her exactly why she killed their parents. She did it for Clair. Their parents were super strict with them, but their father was doing shady work in the background and their mother was having an affair. Seemingly distraught for a short amount of time about what she did to Shuuichi, Elena gave Clair a coin and told her about the vending machine at the abandoned motel.

After Elena left, Clair was about to kill herself when Shuuichi’s head began to talk. Seeing that he may still be alive, Clair hurried to the motel. There she met a strange man lying on a mattress reading manga. He seemed concerned, but when Clair dropped the coin, his approach changed. He used the coin to get a bottle out of the vending machine and told Shuuichi to drink it and his head would reattach.

As they waited for it to work, the man told them that he was an alien and the coins were other aliens in data format. His ship crashed there and he needs to find all of his friends. If they can help him, he will reward them. Clair seems sceptical so the Alien attempts to show her by eating one of her hairs and transforming into her… nude! He then tells them that if they can find one hundred coins he will grant them incredible power.

Once Shuuichi’s head reattached, they went home and on the way, Shuuichi told Clair not to use the coin. She revealed that she had no need to as she had him. She also told him that it was Elena that was responsible for his condition and that she would find out how it happened. Shuuichi, however, was plagued by the idea of someone attaining that much power.

Episode Thoughts

This was a much slower episode without nearly as much dramatic tension, but I get the feeling that this had a much-needed scene that focused on the exposition. We got a lot of information from the Alien, but he also held a lot back. He failed to reveal that Elena had given Shuuichi into this monstrous form. I’m also not sure that transforming into Clair was a good way for him to prove that he was a nice alien. There’s definitely much more to this than we found out. I also wonder if Shuuichi is worried about Clair obtaining one-hundred coins.

It definitely set up the story for the rest of the series. We kind of know why and how Shuuichi changed, although there must be more to it, but now we also have a mission for Clair and Shuuichi. Collect the coins and stop others from collecting enough to destroy the world. I can’t wait to see where this series goes next.

Ecchi Highlights


The Motel!

The Alien!

The Transformation!

The Hunt Begins!

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