Gleipnir (Episode 5) – Crazy Enemies

Gleipnir Title

Clair and Shuuichi head into the forest in search of coins, monsters, and answers. Will they find what they’re looking for or will something else find them first?

Crazy Enemies

Shuuichi is a little apprehensive about venturing into the forest in search of coins, but Clair reassures him that everyone out there will be monsters so he shouldn’t worry about hurting any normal people. That didn’t help. Clair then tells him that they should attack first and not let anyone get an advantage. That really didn’t help. So, when Shuuichi caught the scent of another monster, he was a little reluctant to let Clair strip down and climb inside of him…

The monster was surprised that anyone would approach him and even more so that it was a girl. He had no interest in the coins and only cared to prove how strong he was. Clair was starting to think she’d made a mistake, but Shuuichi charged forward and landed the first blow. They exchanged attacks until Clair drew the gun and fired. It didn’t kill him but he seemed pleased that she was taking it seriously.

He tried to attack with a new form of martial arts he’d developed but they got away. When he caught up with them Shuuichi grabbed him and wouldn’t let go. That’s when Clair stepped out of the undergrowth and pointed the gun at the back of his head. He had lost and was willing to admit it.

As they talked, another monster approached them and demanded that they become his slaves. The Skeletal Knight was not impressed with this monster and sliced him in two. He then agreed to join Clair and Shuuichi as it would give him more chances to test his strength. Clair recovered a phone from the dead monster and found their next target!

Episode Thoughts

I really enjoyed this episode and the fight was a highlight, however, it lacked the tension of their first fight which is probably my favourite moment in the series so far. That said, they’ve added a particularly strong ally to their group and it would appear that they are about to go to war with another group. The other group doesn’t know that yet and I think that’s one of the things that makes Clair that much more interesting. She doesn’t sit back and wait to see what happens. Clair is not a damsel in distress, that’s for sure.

Ecchi Highlights


The Forest!

The Enemy!

The Alliance!

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