Gleipnir (Episode 6) – Gatherers

Gleipnir Title

Clair and Shuuichi have a contact for another group thanks to the monster Sanbe killed. They make an arrangement to meet, but can they trust this group and what will be required of them.


After a little pressure, Clair manages to convince another monster to take them to his group. Maintaining the pretence that there is only one of them, they attempt to join them, but the leader, Sayaka demands that they transform back to normal in order to complete a pact. Reluctantly, Clair comes out of Shuuichi and informs Sayaka that she will be the one to perform the pact and not Shuuichi.

Sayaka leads Clair to another room and asks some questions. Ultimately, she finds out that Clair is Elana’s sister. Clair is desperate to join the group when she finds out that Sayaka has information. Sayaka strips down and has Clair lie on a bed. She climbs on top and tells Clair about how she had an affair with a teacher who ended things. When she confided in her friend, word got back to the teacher who committed suicide. Sayaka’s powers are very specific and work with lies. She hates it when someone lies.

Meanwhile, another member of the group, Chihiro has asked Shuuichi to help her locate her wallet that she lost in the forest. In order to do it quickly, Chihiro climbs inside Shuuichi, much to the annoyance of the stalker guy that can turn himself into a high-power camera.

Episode Thoughts

This was a really slow episode, but I enjoyed all the same. We got some interesting world-building details from Sayaka who seems to have a good grasp on things… Shuuichi has now found himself another girl to get in trouble with, especially as she gets completely naked before climbing inside him. It’s going to be interesting to see how this group works and how Clair will ultimately get past Sayaka’s pact. As I said, not too much happened, but I think it set up some good things to come, and Sayaka was hot too.

Ecchi Highlights

The Meeting!

The Pact!

The Hunt!

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  1. Alright, I need to know where to watch this. I am seriously intrigued.

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