Gleipnir (Episode 7) – Metamorphosis

Gleipnir Title

Clair has completed the pact, so Sayaka tells her what she knows of Elena. Meanwhile, Shuuichi and Chihiro close in on the scent of her wallet, but it’s already been found…


Sayaka told Clair about how she knew Elena from school and how she struggles to believe that Elena would have killed her parents. It’s not the news Clair was after, but it’s something to think about. Sayaka takes Clair back to the group to reveal that she has completed the pact. Once they’ve done some introductions, Clair notices that Shuuichi has gone. It turns out he’s been gone for a while and so Sayaka asks Yota, the group’s only fighter, to go with Clair to find him.

Shuuichi found the scent of the wallet, but also the scent of three terrifying monsters, one of them being Elena. With Chihiro terrified about what happens next, Shuuichi promises to protect her and pushes on. The scents split, leaving just one monster with the wallet. Shuuishi is relieved, but that doesn’t last long as the monster, a child appears behind them and uses his power to summon a massive two-headed monster and squashes Shuuichi and Chihiro into pulp.

The child, Subaru, continues on but is surprised to see the shredded mess of bodies that remains standing before him. Then, Shuuichi and Chihiro merge into another form. A dark cat-like creature enabling them to fight as one. It looks like they are about to win when Elena appears and stops the fight. Shuuichi is furious and determined to finally kill Elena for what she did to him. However, Chihiro sees Shuuichi’s memories, ones that he appears to have forgotten where he and Elena appear to be very close. She stops him and they both pass out.

Clair and Yota enter the remains of the battleground and find Shuuichi and Chihiro lying unconscious, although both appear to have been returned to their normal forms.

Episode Thoughts

This series is completely and utterly insane, and I mean that as the highest compliment. I don’t think I took a breath for the entire second half of this episode. Seeing Subaru’s monster squashing Shuuichi and Chihiro into a bloody pulp was horrendous, but knowing that Shuuichi can survive his head being removed, I wasn’t too worried. However, I never expected them to merge into something even cooler. That fight was incredible and then seeing Elena just waltz in and stop it in a heartbeat was crazy. But that was nothing. Shuuichi’s memories that Chihiro saw suddenly change everything. This is just getting more and more interesting.

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