Gleipnir (Episode 8) – Shadows in Memory

Gleipnir Title

Clair finds Shuuichi and brings him back to the base where he becomes a full member of the team. He has no memory of the events before waking up. Chihiro claims to be the same, but Clair doesn’t trust her!

Shadows in Memory

Now that Shuuichi is a member of the group, having completed the pact, he’s introduced to the others. One member recognizes him from the time he went to a cram school but appears to be confused about some of the details. At least, that’s not how Shuuichi remembers things. Chihiro claims to have no memory of what happened to them, but Clair seems unsure about her.

When Clair pushes the matter when they’re alone, Chihiro comments about how different Clair and Shuuichi are and how they could never be one! Regardless, Clair and Shuuichi show the group just how strong they are by punching through a tree. They will make a useful addition to the team. Sayaka asks Yota if he’d like to have a fight with them, but he refuses, claiming he doesn’t want to get hurt. We’re yet to see his powers, but it feels like he’s holding back.

Later that night, Chihiro phones Elena and asks her about Shuuichi. Elena is confused about how Chihiro got her number and gets angry when Chihiro claims that she got it from Shuuichi. She then tells Elena about how she saw his memories and realised that she was special to him. There’s talk about the possibility of someone having already claimed the one-hundred coins, but everyone’s intentions remain vague and secretive.

Sayaka talks her team into the woods in search of coins, or more specifically the alien spaceship!

Episode Thoughts

This was a slower episode, but it still feels like it covered a lot of ground. I didn’t even mention Shuuichi finding his school friend burying a dog that had had its tail removed, similar to the one he found in the first episode. His friend was acting odd and no doubt is somehow involved. The show managed to cast doubts on just about everyone and what they’re plans were. The big question is why has Shuuichi had his memories hidden. Is he the real threat to the world? I can’t wait to get to the bottom of things. This series is doing an incredible job of making you question everything.

Ecchi Highlights

Signing up!

Heading Home!

Calling Elena!

Clair’s Resolve!

Finding the Spaceship!

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