Gleipnir (Episode 9) – Staked Claims

Gleipnir Title

Sayaka leads her team into mountains in search of the alien spaceship, but they soon run into a marker left to warn others away. They attempt to go around, but Clair has her concerns!

Staked Claims

After hiking through the woods for a while, they arrived at a sinister-looking marker. Has another group staked a claim to the territory? It certainly seems that way. Sayaka leads her group around the area in hopes of avoiding conflict. Clair stops and asks Shuuichi to check the area with his sense of smell. As she expected, they are being funnelled into a trap.

They try to flee, but one of the monsters from the other group is incredibly fast and managed to stop them. He fought off Shuuichi’s attack and then took Sayaka hostage. Yota is about to step in when the monster throws a severed head in a bag at them, warning them that it will happen to them if they don’t join them. This makes Yota made, and then, when the monsters grabbed Sayaka’s breasts, he loses his mind and attacks.

Yota is insanely strong and makes quick work of the monster, even punching his lower jaw clean off. The hurry on their way aware that more monsters are coming. They catch up with the injured centipede monster who everyone seems to want to abandon, but the boss is less than impressed and goes after Sayaka’s group with a vengeance.

When he catches them, he swats Yota away and then takes an interest in Clair, seeing her climb inside Shuuichi.

Episode Thoughts

This episode flew by. I still can’t believe it was a full twenty-four minutes. One other thing, Clair is incredible. She is a character that makes things happen. She sees what others don’t and that makes her far stronger than any of the monsters. I do wonder where this comes from and whether this is all just setting us up to discover something truly shocking about Clair. Either way, I am loving this series and she is a big part of that. Finally, seeing Yota go full berserker mode was excellent and I just hope we have much more of that. I can’t wait for the next episode.

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