Hatena Illusion (Episode 1) – Masters of Thievery & Illusion!

Hatena Illusion is a new anime from the Winter 2020 season that I’ll be covering here. It may or may not be ecchi and contain fan service.. only time will tell! Regardless, the premise seems interesting enough.

So here we go!


Makoto is a boy that aspires to be a magician, after seeing his childhood friend Kana (Hatena) Hoshisato’s father, a master magician, when he was a child. Meanwhile, Hatena aspires to be a master thief like her mother! As you can see, Hatena’s family is quite unique. They’re also very wealthy, living in a mansion complete with butler and maid.

Due to a childhood promise, Makoto returns to Hatena’s household in order to become her father’s apprentice. However, two things go wrong here. First, Hatena thought that Makoto was a girl! And second, her father is going on a business trip overseas, right after accepting Makoto as his apprentice! In addition, shortly afterwards, Makoto accidentally breaks an artifact, and becomes employed as a butler in order to work towards paying off the cost.

With Hatena immediately against a boy her age living under the same roof as her, and Makoto having permission to live there as per her father, we get the perfect situation for some typical anime antics, all while we learn more about Hatena’s mysterious family and the secrets of the mansion as well as “artifacts” belonging to Hatena’s mother.

Episode Thoughts

Well, Hatena Illusion was tagged as “ecchi” on MyAnimeList, but we didn’t get too much in that department this episode. Either someone’s sources were incorrect there, or we’re in for some fan service later on. Given that we have already had a “accidentally walked in on girl getting out of the bath (towel on though)” situation, I think some fan service is on the books at some point.

The impression I’m getting is that this is going to be a wacky slice of life anime with romance elements. Hatena’s mother is a master thief, her father a master magician. Hatena herself wants to be a master thief, and Makoto wants to be a master magician… In other words, I think this whole setup has a lot of potential for some fun and interesting moments!

And on one final note, Hatena’s maid, who is pretty good looking herself, seems to be trying to get Hatena and Makoto together. Overall, I think this is going to be an “Ecchi Lite” series that has some fan service here and there, but it will be sparse if this episode is any indication.

Episode Highlights

Hatena’s Mother, Master Thief!

Welcome to the Hoshisato Household!

Bath Sighting

Makoto Butler

Hatena’s Thief Transformation

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