Hatena Illusion (Episode 10) – Action!

Things really pick up in Hatena Illusion as we encounter some espionage activities, a trip to Australia, and another magic trick!


Sir Camelot reveals an artifact he was given that contains a message stating that three artifacts are needed in exchange for Hatena’s mother. Sir Camelot, Hatena’s father, and Hatena / Makoto / Yumemi then all head out to Australia where one of the artifacts is located, and where Sir Camelot is putting on a magic show.

While they are gone, Mariah infiltrates some organization that possesses one of the three artifacts. She locates their research lab and destroys it as well as securing the artifact she was looking for. On the same night, the organization sent goons to attack the family mansion, but they were repelled by Jeeves and the museum lady.

Episode Thoughts

I think I may have missed some details last episode or this one, because I have absolutely no idea who this organization is or where they came from. They just all of the sudden became an enemy that had artifacts, and Mariah and some others went full spy mode on them. As sudden as their appearance is, I guess it’s better than nothing happening though! The episode was a little more exciting at least.

In addition, while nothing has happened in Australia yet, we did get to see one of Sir Camelot’s magic tricks, one where he tears his shirt apart with his muscles, and then causes doves to appear all over him. A cool trick, best we’ve seen so far in the show. So that was nice to see too. Sir Camelot is turning out to be a pretty cool guy, possibly even the best character of the show!

The only competitor to Sir Camelot is Mariah, who I’m convinced is the sole reason this show even got an “ecchi” tag on MyAnimeList. Because the outfits she wears are always showing off her cleavage. Nice to see, but I wouldn’t say it’s enough to call the entire show “ecchi” though!

Episode Highlights

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