Hatena Illusion (Episode 11) – Finale

Alright, we’ve made it to the end of Hatena Illusion, an illusion that I for one am ready to be done with. So how does this anime manage to wrap up all of the loose ends in it’s final episode?


With things taken care of on the homefront, it’s up to the Australia crew to steal the final artifact needed to rescue Hatena’s mother. Hatena and Makoto break into the mansion housing the artifact and while they are caught, they manage to steal the artifact and escape after replacing it with a dummy artifact. Back at their lodgings everyone celebrates.

That night they are attacked by a woman named Michelle and her goons. Michelle manages to steal the artifact and cause disarray. Makoto and Dina (Camelot’s other apprentice) are separated from the rest. We learn that Dina is a woman (what a surprise) and then the two are caught by Michelle.

And that’s it!

Episode Thoughts

Well, the first thought is that I’m glad this is the final episode, even if the story itself doesn’t really end. At the end of the day, this felt like another case of “series starts slow but then has to try and pack everything into the final two episodes”, and yet again it just didn’t work. I don’t know how they can’t plan for these things, because you’d think the episodes would all be drafted out and planned before they actually make the anime!

Anyways, this was a rushed ending, and also an inconclusive one. On the positive side though, this series was getting really boring up until they decided to pack everything into the final two episodes. So I’m a bit glad that they did it, but it still doesn’t bode well for the series.

Also I knew it, I knew Dina was a girl. It’s always so obvious! And in this case, it seemed completely irrelevant. Dina got no screentime the entire anime and now this big reveal is supposed to matter? Finally, I thought it was funny how all these rival organizations are coming out of the woodwork. We saw Michelle for maybe 20 seconds last episode, and now she’s the one that the series ends on a cliffhanger with. Like with Dina, it just seemed odd to use a character we know next to nothing about this way.

Episode Highlights

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