Hatena Illusion (Episode 2) – Artifacts

The life of Makoto as a butler, student, and magician-in-training continues in a seemingly standard slice of life fashion. What sort of secrets lie within the Hoshisato mansion?


Makoto is woken up to Hatena’s legs hanging down from the ceiling of his room. He mistakes her for a thief, and approaches her but she ends up falling on him. A meeting is convened where it is explained that Emma, the maid, is helping Hatena train to be a thief, just like her mother. And so she attempted to steal an artifact from Makoto’s room while he slept.

We learn that the artifacts in the family’s possession were all created by Hatena’s mother, and that she became a thief in order to steal them all back after they were taken from the family.

The next day, it’s off to school. We find out that the maid, Emma, is not only also a student (two years above Hatena and Makoto), but that she’s the student council president and a local celebrity. After school, one of Hatena’s childhood friends, from another well-connected family, arrives and attempts to find an artifact from the mansion, but fails.

Episode Thoughts

Yep, this anime is “ecchi lite” for sure. There’s fan service, but it’s minimal. This episode we had Hatena fall on Makoto, which I guess can be considered fan service? At the very least it’s a trope that we see often in ecchi anime. And then we saw Hatena’s friend’s butt.

The situation with the butt was that Hatena didn’t want her friend to know Makoto was living there, so she used her magic scarf to hide him in a giant ball. She then told her friend it was an exercise ball, or something like this, and he friend sat on it with Makoto inside.

Anyways, that was the fan service for this one. On another note, the animation wasn’t looking too good this episode. I’m not a huge stickler for animation, but I thought it was worth noting here. Overall, the episode was alright. Felt fairly average.

Episode Highlights

Hatena Sneaks & Fails

Makoto Performs Magic at School!

Hatena’s Friend Visits

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