Hatena Illusion (Episode 3) – A Fated Duo

Hatena Illusion continues along, but it’s not looking good for the series in terms of animation quality. Only three episodes in, and it seems to be coming apart at the seams…


After another few misunderstandings between Makoto and Hatena, she decides to come clean and confess that she thought he was a girl when they were children. After this, Hatena discovers that her mother’s crest was stolen from her room, an important artifact. Hatena heads off to try and get it back.

The family butler tells Makoto how to activate his wand’s artifact power using it’s name, and he does so. Makoto, Emma, and the butler head after Hatena. Hatena discovers that her Aunt Mariah had stolen the artifact for some reason or another, and Hatena is overpowered. Makoto then arrives and saves the day. Mariah escapes, and Hatena asks Makoto to be her partner in thievery.

Episode Thoughts

Alright, so the episode itself was nothing to write home about. Once again, I’d say it was average. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the animation, because it’s a real issue. There’s a lot of inconsistencies here. One scene the characters will look good, and the next they’ll look like they were drawn in MS Paint. Lighting issues too, with certain elements seeming too dark at times.

In addition, there were more than a couple scenes this episode that were very zoomed out, with all of the characters looking very small and devoid of detail. I feel like this series is employing many money-saving techniques with things like this, and it’s just not a good sign. I also managed to get a screencap of what I believe is the worst butt I’ve ever seen in anime.

I don’t normally make a big deal out of animation, but I feel like Hatena Illusion has a really neat concept and could be a lot of fun if the animation wasn’t such an eyesore. Plus some flashy visuals to accompany the whole “magic” theme would go a long way.

We’ll see if they manage to pick things back up as we go though.

Episode Highlights

Some Examples of the Lackluster Visuals

There are more, but here are a few that I captured from the episode. A low detail distant shot, Mariah’s poorly drawn face, the worst butt in anime, and Hatena’s polygon face. Plus you can see in the above images, as well as some of these, that some scenes look a bit too dark.

Just to give you all an example of what sort of animation we are getting in just the third episode of Hatena Illusion.

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