Hatena Illusion (Episode 4) – Sisters

With Makoto having paired up with Hatena, what sort of heist will the two pull now? Well, perhaps not now, but some other time, because this episode is all about Hatena’s sister Yumemi.


Hatena and household learn that Yumemi, Hatena’s little sister, hasn’t attended school in a week. And so the episode is spent trying to figure out why this is, with Hatena being particularly intrusive about the issue. Eventually, Makoto figures it out and they are able to get the situation sorted out.

Episode Thoughts

A fairly dull episode I’d say. Yumemi is the cutest girl in the show I think, so it was nice to see more of her. But overall it was just boring. We did learn that Yumemi has an artifact of her own at least, a teddy bear that grows into a giant guardian bear. That was probably the most interesting moment.

Also, this episode pretty much sealed the deal on this not really being an ecchi anime, as both Hatena and her friend’s skirts were flipped, and we didn’t get any panties. The best opportunity for some panty shots was wasted.

Overall, Hatena Illusion isn’t looking too good at the moment. That said, I think I’d rather this than Plunderer, which has also been a disaster so far. Sorry Lynn!
Hopefully both of these series pick up.

Episode Highlights

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