Hatena Illusion (Episode 5) – Hidden Power

While Hatena Illusion has been on the disappointing side as of late, there’s still a chance that this anime comes back in a good way! And this episode might be a small start to that…


Yumemi still isn’t going to school, and we find out that the real reason isn’t because of kids at school or anything like that – it’s because she’s inherited the powers that her mother has, in being able to create artifacts. But she doesn’t know how to control it well. Hatena and Makoto catch wind of a local museum that has an artifact that Yumemi had created, and proceed to sneak in to try and steal it back.

Later, Hatena and Yumemi’s mother arrives, sort of, via artifact, and speaks with both Hatena and Yumemi, before disappearing once again.

Episode Thoughts

Alright, this episode wasn’t too bad. I don’t know if this is the makings of a comeback, but it’s a little better from previous weeks I think. Yumemi and her power is pretty neat, and we’re seeing a bit more of the family dynamic at play, with how the parents are always absent has had an impact on the kids. Not sure how far they’ll really go with that though, or if it’s even an intentional angle they’re trying to take.

There was also a pretty comedic moment where right after the mother leaves, the father makes a grand appearance, which doesn’t leave the girls too pleased. I was happy to at least get a laugh out of the episode.

Episode Highlights

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