Hatena Illusion (Episode 6) – A Botched Heist

Hatena’s quest to become a master thief like her mother continues, as she discovers the location of another one of her mother’s artifacts. Will she manage to successfully steal it back from a prominent art gallery?


Hatena’s aunt Mariah, the same one that had attempted to steal an artifact from the family in a previous episode, meets with Hatena to tell her about an artifact being held at a nearby art gallery. She tells Hatena that if she steals the artifact, her mother will come home sooner. And so, with the help of her friend, Hatena cases the gallery before breaking in at night.

Naturally, she is caught, and the owner of the gallery uses the artifact to capture Hatena in slime. Makoto and Yumemi were able to find out about what was happening earlier from Hatena’s friend, and arrive with Emma to save the day. Makoto then tells Hatena to rely on him more, as the two of them are a team.

Episode Thoughts

Hatena is a really hopeless thief. Every time she’s attempted to steal something, she’s been captured / discovered, and bailed out by her friends / family. Normally if someone was planning to steal an item, they would spend more than a single day casing the place and drafting up detailed plans on everything from entry to getaway. When done right, it’s a process that could potentially take weeks.

It was also funny to see that on the one day Hatena did case the gallery, she and her friend wore the most obvious disguises that really stood out. Hats and sunglasses indoors? Plus, how many high school age girls would be interested in paying to visit an art gallery like this? Hatena may have been set up by her aunt, but she would have been caught anyways.

I know this show has no chance of giving us any fan service now, but man there would have been some good moments for it when Hatena and Emma were wrapped up in slime. Oh well.

Episode Highlights

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