Hatena Illusion (Episode 7) – Master of Magic

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 episodes since Hatena Illusion began, because it doesn’t feel like anything has really happened yet! But here we are. Hatena, Yumemi, and Makoto all practice their respective abilities until the house takes on a couple new guests.


Maeve, Hatena’s aunt, arrives at the house once more despite being an instigator several times in past episodes. She tells Hatena that she needs to learn how to use her artifact properly. Hatena practices giving her artifact orders, while Yumemi meditates, and Makoto practices magic tricks. At one point, Emma takes Hatena and Yumemi outside to try meditating under a waterfall.

Eventually, two new guests arrive. A master of magic, Sir Camelot, and his niece Dina. Makoto tries to get Sir Camelot to teach him magic, but is unable to impress the master with his magic trick. Dina then shows off a more impressive trick. Sir Camelot tells Makoto to work on his best trick and try one more time to impress him.

The episode ends with Maeve telling Yumemi and Hatena that they have to give up their artifacts.

Episode Thoughts

This series is as dry as the desert. I think the “ecchi” content hit it’s apex, with a little bit of Hatena’s cleavage after the waterfall meditation. And the rest was just bland. The one thing I will say though is that I did enjoy seeing the two magic tricks by Makoto and then Dina. I was hoping to see more magic tricks when I began watching this series, and honestly I feel like the series should be built more around them.

It’d be more interesting and fun that way!

Episode Highlights

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