Hatena Illusion (Episode 8) – Complications

Mariah has arrived to take away Hatena and Yumemi’s artifacts and send them to another home. Naturally, they don’t want to just pack up and leave…


After Mariah tells Hatena and Yumemi the news, their father returns. But he doesn’t stick up for them, instead caving because Mariah has the authority of the family head, Hatena’s grandmother. Yumemi creates an artifact that is designed to drive Mariah out of the house, but it goes haywire.

Then for some reason in a change of pace, everyone goes swimming as Yumemi needs to learn how to swim for something coming up at school. Afterwards, Jeeves and Emma decide to help Hatena and Yumemi learn how to use their artifacts. Jeeves reveals his true, young form for the training…

Episode Thoughts

I don’t really know what Hatena Illusion is trying to work towards anymore, although I guess I never did. We’ve gone from Makoto moving in to become an apprentice magician, to Hatena’s failures at thievery, to this family drama. At this rate the conclusion to this season is just going to be some other seemingly unrelated incident.

I just want to see more magic tricks!

Oh and even though the characters went swimming, this anime is committed to showing no fan service. Which we already knew, but I guess this confirms it some more.

Episode Highlights

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