Hatena Illusion (Episode 9) – Trials

It’s time to finish off Hatena Illusion before heading off to greener pastures. Where we left off, the Hatena and Yumemi were in danger of being kicked out of their home by their aunt. How will they weasel their way out of this predicament?


Hatena, Yumemi, and Makoto all train under Jeeves, who it turns out is a humanoid artifact. Afterwards, the three set out to overcome a trial – to retrieve Emma’s artifact. Hatena and Makoto, with Yumemi’s artifact’s help, manage to defeat the assailant who had Emma’s artifact, and it turns out to have been the lady that runs the museum. Later we find out that Mariah had set the whole trial up, and eventually concedes that the girls can stay in the house and keep their artifacts.

The episode ends with Makoto also impressing Sir Camelot and earning a position as Sir Camelot’s apprentice alongside his other apprentice.

Episode Thoughts

I’d forgotten what was going on prior to this, but it all came back quick enough. Actually, this episode wasn’t bad. A lot happened, which is probably why I feel that way. While prior episodes were pretty slow and felt like nothing really happened, or just one event was happening per episode, we got several here. So it was nice to see the pace just pick up all of the sudden.

Other than that, I don’t have too much to really comment on here. We learn a little more about artifacts, and Emma’s past, but honestly it didn’t seem that interesting to me. What was great though was seeing another magic trick, which is what I had signed up for initially anyways!

Episode Highlights

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