Hatena Illusion (Season One)

A little delayed, but this is it. The final Hatena Illusion post for me to write, my review of Hatena Illusion’s one and likely only season. I came for magic tricks and ecchi, and left with only disappointment…

Hatena Illusion Little Sister


Hatena Illusion follows an aspiring magician who moves in to his childhood friend, Hatena’s mansion in order to study under her father who is a professional magician. However, things quickly deviate from this as we discover the family is heavily involved in the existence of magical artifacts that seem to be scattered throughout the world.

Plot Gone Awry

The first point I’ll make regarding Hatena Illusion is how the plot is thrown out the window early on. We go from Makoto wanting to learn magic to this crazy premise surrounding magical artifacts and the need to steal them from others in order to secure them, as apparently Hatena’s mother created ALL of them. And so the aspiring magician stuff just disappears.

In addition, despite this new plot we are given, nothing really happens with it for most of the series. Hatena tries to steal a couple artifacts, some artifacts are stolen, but none of it feels like it really matters. Hatena’s aunt goes from villain to close ally, as does this other lady. Nothing feels serious or important, and so the story is a total bore for the most part.

It’s only in the final two episodes that things pick up, and even then the episodes are filled with such questionable decisions that the only reason they were more enjoyable is because something actually happens in them. Characters we’d never seen before pop up to take on the role of antagonist, characters we’ve barely seen become important all of the sudden…

From start to finish, the plot and direction of Hatena Illusion felt all over the place and I just couldn’t find myself looking forward to more. It’s just a total disaster that I’m surprised this story made it past any sort of initial planning / discussions prior to going forward with the creation of the anime.

Hatena Illusion Episode 6 Friend

It’s Not Ecchi

Prior to a new season, Lynn and I try and look at upcoming titles to determine whether or not they will be worth covering here on Ecchi Hunter. Having recently covered Magical Sempai, which you should absolutely check out, I saw that Hatena Illusion appeared to be another anime featuring magic tricks and the like. And of course, it has an ecchi tag on MyAnimeList. It seemed like a no-brainer to me!

Unfortunately, I was lied to! Hatena Illusion is most definitely not an ecchi anime. In fact, there’s no blatant fan service, ecchi tropes, or anything like that. No, the ONLY thing remotely ecchi in the series is just some cleavage here and there, almost solely from a single character, who isn’t even part of the main cast.

Maybe there’s some technicality that means cleavage = ecchi, but when it’s so passive and non-existent like this, I’d just disagree. Even “Ecchi Lite” doesn’t accurately cover this, as it’s more like “Ecchi Lite Lite Lite”. Even then I feel like using the word “ecchi” at all in the same sentence as Hatena Illusion is disingenuous.

So yeah, it’s not an ecchi anime. We’ve been fooled!

Season Highlights

Honestly, the animation was very spotty at times for Hatena Illusion, including one moment which I still consider the worst butt I’ve ever seen in anime (I’ll include it as our first image). Overall it doesn’t even feel like there is anything worth highlighting, but here we go:


Story / Characters – Awful

As I’ve mentioned, the story for Hatena Illusion is simply no good. It bounces around too much with no clear direction. When finishing an episode you have nothing to look forward to or anticipate. It felt like a slice of life for a while, that’s how directionless it became. And then in the end they just rushed everything and threw a bunch of new characters into the spotlight. Awful is a good word to describe the story for Hatena Illusion.

Ecchi Content – Cold

No need to go into detail here, as I wouldn’t even consider this an ecchi anime. No fan service, all of the bath scenes the girls wore towels (even in the water), literally the only thing remotely ecchi in this series was some cleavage here and there. I’ve seen more (and better) fan service in non-ecchi series! And that’s because this isn’t an ecchi.

In Closing…

I wouldn’t recommend Hatena Illusion to anyone. It has nothing whatsoever of value to offer. If you want a good ecchi anime featuring magic tricks, Magical Sempai is without a doubt what you’ll want to check out. Other than that, you’re better off watching any other anime out there, either for story OR ecchi content, because Hatena Illusion completely fails at both with the worst possible rating I can give it.

As of the time of this review this also makes it the worst rated anime on Ecchi Hunter!
Hopefully it’ll remain the only one that scores this low.

Other Hatena Illusion Posts

Honestly, if you’ve read this far, I’m going to stick to my guns and say don’t even bother reading my posts covering each episode of the series. But if you’re really curious as to what happens in each episode, and want to observe how my enthusiasm just vanishes over the course of the series, you can find all of the individual episode posts here:


  1. I watched the first episode Hatena Illusion back in January, because I love magic tricks. But, the first episode was mediocre, and I immediately cast it aside. I haven’t watched any later episodes, and I’m glad I missed out. Besides, I never thought of Hatena Illusion as being an ecchi anime. I’ll consider watching Magical Sempai instead.

    • If you are fine with ecchi, Magical Sempai is great for showing failed tricks haha. Sometimes there are cool ones, most are basic, but its still fun all around because in the end no matter how simple or complicated its still magic tricks and always fun to see new ones.

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