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Keiki is now Yuika’s slave, due to some unfortunate timing and blackmail. This does give him a chance to search for Cinderella’s panties, but will it be worth the cost?

The Prince Became a Slave?!

The episode starts out with Keiki faithfully serving Yuika. Food, massage, whatever it takes. Sayuki gets jealous and ends up arguing with Yuika over which sized breasts Keiki prefers – to which he declares that he prefers large breasts, but that he still likes small ones too.

The next day is the weekend, and Keiki visits Yuika’s house to serve her for the day. She has him wear a butler costume, and they proceed to go shopping, with Keiki carrying all of Yuika’s bags. When they return to her house Yuika takes a shower. But while in the shower, she screams after seeing a spider, causing Keiki to come running.

Afterwards they talk a bit in Yuika’s room, until Keiki discovers that Yuika stole a pair of his boxers, just like Sayuki had. And with that discovery, Keiki is released from his duty as a slave.

We then get a few scenes where Nanjo draws Keiki and talks to him about having a girlfriend, because she was given the opportunity to write a shoujo manga and she was trying to get info for it. She teases him by sitting on his lap, but nothing else happens.

Keiki then runs into Fujimoto, who gives him tickets to the pool. He goes to the astronomy club room to ask Otori and Shoma if they wanted to go. They are picking up photos off the ground that Otori had taken of Shoma in the past – and that’s when Keiki notices a particular photo taken on the day he found the Cinderella note and panties…

Episode Thoughts

I’d say this episode was a disappointment overall. Yuika has time and time again proven herself to be a very boring master. She’s not sadistic at all, and she never makes any interesting requests of Keiki either. When we first saw her stuff her panties into his mouth and sit on him in episode 2, I thought she had some potential. But really, she’s been a very weak character when it comes to living up to being a good master. The word “slave” doesn’t even feel appropriate, because she just treats Keiki like a servant / butler in the end.

So aside from seeing Yuika naked, minus the nudity, she didn’t really deliver anything this episode. She’s just consistently fallen short of her potential since she was revealed to want Keiki as her slave. I wouldn’t even call her a sadist, and I guess the anime never technically labelled her as such, although you’d think that comes with the territory of wanting a slave.

The scenes with Nanjo felt empty, like they were only there to kill some time before the big cliffhanger. The episode was supposed to be about Keiki being Yuika’s slave, but that ended so abruptly I guess they had to show us something, and Nanjo has sort of disappeared for quite some time now.

In the end, I just wish we had the anime take some more risks with Yuika and her treatment of Keiki as her slave. Even Keiki has been a more aggressive master to Sayuki, and he was still a VERY tame master. I’ve seen countless tsundere or just cold characters in anime that have done a better job than Yuika, and they weren’t even trying to be a master.

Oh, I guess I should mention the photo itself. It’s of a girl leaving what I imagine is the building where the panties were left, making her a strong Cinderella candidate. Judging by the hair, which is short and rounded, it’s either Fujimoto or Mizuha. Considering Fujimoto has already been “investigated” recently, so to speak, I’m going to guess that it’s Mizuha. The girl who I’ve been suspecting and mentioning every episode for a while now!

Ecchi Highlights

Servant Keiki

Nanjo & Fujimoto

Cinderella Photo?!

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