HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute? (Episode 11) – Swimsuit Mania

Thanks to the photo Keiki found of Cinderella, he has an idea of who the culprit is. The only thing left to do is expose her! And everyone else, apparently, because Keiki and the girls hit the pool for some fun!

Cinderella Took Off Her Swimwear?!

Keiki, using the voucher given to him by Fujimoto, invites Sayuki, Yuika, Nanjo, and Mizuha to the pool after school. Mizuha hadn’t expected this, and so didn’t have a swimsuit. But Keiki just happened to have one ready for her. And so they all head off to the pool.

We’re treated to many glorious shots of the girls in their bikinis, as they all hang out at the pool, engaging in the type of activities you’d expect. Keiki spends some time with Mizuha in the end before they come across Otori, who is looking for volunteers for a competition. The competition is one where girls try to win the audience’s heart with confessions, judgement is earned via the volume of the audience.

Sayuki puts a condition on the competition that the girl who wins gets to make any single request they want of Keiki, and all four girls sign up. We’re then treated to more imagery of the girls in their bikinis as they compete to win the audience over.

Mizuha ends up winning, and they all go and get changed. Keiki confronts Mizuha alone afterwards. He flips her skirt, revealing the Cinderella panties. She then fesses up and admits she was the one behind the letter. She confesses her love for Keiki, and mentions that they were only born 5 months apart… meaning they aren’t really siblings! While Keiki is coming to terms with this, Mizuha kisses him.

Episode Thoughts

Wow! HenSuki pulled no punches this episode. What a show! Not only was the fan service top notch, but the story made some real strides here. With Mizuha being the confirmed Cinderella, this means I was right to suspect her all along. I hadn’t realized that Mizuha and Keiki were the same age, but it all makes sense now. It was funny though when Mizuha mentions they were born 5 months apart, and Keiki says something like “I just thought they (parents) tried really hard”… Funny but kind of stupid, there’s no way a high schooler would seriously believe that.

Regardless, this episode was perfection. Without a doubt the best of the season, possibly the best of the series as we only have one more to go. I’m not sure where we’ll go now with Cinderella revealed to be Mizuha, but we’ll find out soon enough.

There’s a lot of ecchi this week, with many tall images featuring the girls in their swimsuits. Interestingly enough only Otori was wearing a one-piece in the form of her school swimsuit. I had expected Yuika to wear that, but she went for a bikini. Personally, I have to say that Mizuha was my favourite out of all the swimsuits. She’s got some serious curves!

Anyways, here we go!

Ecchi Highlights

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