HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute? (Episode 12) – Forbidden Love

With the cat out of the bag and Mizuha confirmed as Cinderella, we’ve got one final episode to go for HenSuki. How will Keiki react to this final twist in his love life?

Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute?

The episode opens up with Keiki having a short dream about being married to Sayuki and walking her like a dog… he then wakes up to Mizuha kissing him and climbing on top of him. As he’s still thrown off by Mizuha’s sudden change, he leaves home for the day. Keiki meets with Shoma and Otori, and runs into Nanjo. He ends up caught in the rain outside, and eventually, although he had been looking for somewhere to stay, he goes back home.

In typical anime fashion, Keiki caught a cold from being in the rain.

The next day Sayuki and Yuika end up coming over to see Keiki, and after they both end up fighting over him, Mizuha kicks them out. That night Keiki decides that he is going to treat Mizuha as he always has. And with that realization, his cold is cured. We see some flashbacks to when Keiki first met Mizuha, when she joined the family.

Afterwards Keiki returns to everyday life until summer begins. Mizuha uses the “one free favour” she won from the competition at the pool to ask Keiki out on a date, as her boyfriend. They go out for a day, and Keiki ends up finding some very risque pictures on Mizuha’s phone. Mizuha then admits that she’s an exhibitionist…

Episode Thoughts

All in all, a nice end to HenSuki. It was actually quite nice that the episode was mostly focused on Mizuha and Keiki, because I was a little worried that the anime might just gloss over Mizuha and go back to Sayuki and Yuika right after the big reveal last episode. Personally, I think Keiki made the right choice with just leaving Mizuha to be his sister. For most of the show he believed that the Cinderella would be his girlfriend, but it would definitely be very weird to date someone who you’ve grown up with as family.

The only weak point in the whole series to me was Keiki somehow forgetting that Mizuha wasn’t related to him by blood. He was literally there when she first joined the family as a kid, and you’d think from that moment onwards he would have thought of her as an adopted sister. How could he randomly start thinking she was related to him by blood? The birth dates alone debunk that, as we learned last episode.

But Keiki isn’t the brightest guy, so I guess it’s possible. Aside from that, it was a nice conclusion to the show. The Mizuha confession in the end was pretty funny too.

Speaking of, there were some good highlights from this episode, so let’s get to those!

Episode Highlights

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