HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute? (Episode 2) – Another Girl Enters The Picture!

Keiki Kiryu has found himself face-to-face with his senpai, Sayuki, who is asking him to become her master in a perverted fashion. It turns out Sayuki might not be the Cinderella that Keiki was looking for after all!

Indecisive Prince?!

After Sayuki’s confession that she is a masochist that wants Keiki to become her master and discipline her, Keiki… refuses. And that’s it.

The next morning Keiki passes by his teacher, Okita-sensei, who tells him to be more careful because he left the door unlocked after helping clean up the calligraphy clubroom. This means that the list of suspects increases to all of the girls who helped in cleaning out the clubroom, because whoever left the letter and panties likely hid inside the room when Keiki found the letter. Then they could just unlock the door from the inside and leave after Keiki, which would result in the door remaining unlocked and Okita-sensei finding the door unlocked later on.

While volunteering in the library with Yuika, Sayuki drops by and begins to tease Keiki in an attempt to get him to discipline her. She mentions their date, which causes Yuika to become upset. After Sayuki has left with a dog training book in hand, Yuika confronts Keiki and ends up convincing him to take her out on a date.

That weekend Keiki and Yuika go on a date to the movies and shopping. While they don’t notice her, Nanjo (Keiki’s classmate) spies on them. They have a fun date and the next week Keiki goes to school very happy about it. He receives a text from Yuika asking him to meet her in the library storage room after school, and so he goes.

And then Yuika asks Keiki to become her slave, offering Keiki her panties. After he refuses, she knocks him down and stuffs them in his mouth, causing him to faint…

Nanjo spying on Keiki & Yuika’s date.
Ecchi Art Digital Sub

Episode Thoughts

First and foremost, what an anticlimactic way to deal with Sayuki’s confession! Keiki refuses, and then the anime goes to the OP, before just beginning a new scene. So I guess he just walked away? I wasn’t expecting him to say “yes” (although that would definitely lead the story down an interesting direction!), but they really just cut the scene off after leaving us hanging from last episode. They probably could have closed the scene out a bit better if Keiki gave a reason, even if just in his mind.

Most obvious reason would be because Keiki is searching for Cinderella, and is driven to find her after reading her letter. And I’m sure that this will be Keiki’s reasoning for refusing offers like Sayuki’s going forward. At least, it probably should be.

I’d say my issue with this episode was that it felt a lot like the first one, in that most of the episode felt like a typical school slice of life anime, with Keiki doing ordinary things like being at school and going on a date. The only aspect that has changed is that Sayuki’s secret is out, and so she’s going to be teasing him more going forward. Hopefully she does more than that at some point though.

And just like the last episode, this one ends on the same note, with a girl confessing something to Keiki. Sayuki asked Keiki to become her master, and this time Yuika is asking Keiki to become her slave.

Overall I think that this episode was a bit disappointing, given how the anime just cast Sayuki aside after her confession, and having ended on yet another cliffhanger just like last episode. That said, I do think it’s very interesting that we have now been introduced to two girls who have opposite fetishes, one masochist and one sadist, and I wonder how this is going to affect Keiki going forward.

Once again, just like I wrote last week, I think there is still some serious potential for this series going forward.

Also, I wonder if Okita-sensei will end up getting involved with Keiki in the future? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Episode Highlights

More of Sayuki’s Confession

Sayuki, Yuika, and Keiki at the Library

Yuika and Keiki’s Date

Yuika’s… Request

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