HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute? (Episode 3) – Keiki Under Pressure

After passing out due to Yuika’s confession, Keiki made it home in one piece. But now that there are two perverts on his case, how will he continue to navigate his school life?

Cinderella is Shy?!

After passing out, and a trip to the nurse’s office, we find out that Keiki made it home OK. The next day however, is another story.

Keiki arrives at school to find a bra in his shoe locker, along with a note from Yuika. He meets with her and she reads him a story that she wrote titled The Shy Princess. It’s a story about a shy princess that falls in love with a prince, so she orders her guards to imprison him so that she can make him her slave and live with him happily ever after. Keiki runs out of the room.

Afterwards, Keiki once again finds something in his shoe locker. This time it’s a blackmail photo along with a message telling him to go to the club room or else the photo will be distributed. He goes to the clubroom to find Sayuki in a maid outfit with her hands cuffed behind her back. She tells him that the key is inbetween her breasts. After also threatening that he has to hurry because she has to go to the washroom, Keiki retrieves the key from her chest. Once again she asks him to become her master, and he declines.

The next day Sayuki messages Keiki to go to the clubroom after school, but Yuika intercepts him on his way and navigates him to an empty classroom. She ties him to a chair and tells him to kiss her bare foot or else she will steal his first kiss. Just as she’s about to kiss him, Sayuki enters the room and gets into an argument with Yuika.

The episode ends with Nanjo arriving on the scene and rescuing Keiki, telling him to stop being nice to other girls.

Episode Thoughts

I have to give HenSuki some credit, this was an excellent episode! While the first two episodes felt a little empty, this episode was really packed full of Yuika and Sayuki trying to force their fetishes onto Keiki. This is the type of content I expected when committing to this anime!

My biggest desire for this series is more escalation. I want to see an intricate web of girls, each with their own perversions, all surrounding Keiki and weaving a total mess. More crazy situations, more confusion, more flustered Keiki. A total commitment to this weird harem setup where each girl is trying to take Keiki for herself. Let’s get a real battleground going here!

I’d also like to see Keiki get a little more resolve over the course of the anime, and grow from the flustered mess that he currently is whenever a girl pressures him. He’s too nice as Nanjo mentioned, which is how he’s gotten into this situation – and naturally I’d like to see things escalate, but I’d also like to see Keiki himself adapt to the escalation.

Overall, this episode was just a ton of fun. If we can expect future episodes to be like this one, I think that HenSuki has a real bright future ahead of it! Let’s see things ramp up!

Ecchi Highlights

School Nurse

Blackmail Photo & Maid Sayuki

Keiki All Tied Up

Confrontation & Nanjo Rescue

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