HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute? (Episode 4) – Nanjo Reconciliation

Nanjo bailed Keiki out of a tight spot, but this has now brought her to the forefront of Keiki’s attention. Could she be the Cinderella he’s been looking for?

Cinderella Can’t Come Out!?

The next day after Nanjo saved Keiki from Yuika and Sayuki, she began acting distant towards Keiki. This causes him to worry that she is upset about what happened. Both Yuika and Sayuki encourage Keiki to patch things up with Nanjo, and so after school he speaks with her. Keiki, Nanjo, and their friend Shoma go to the arcade to hang out.

While there, Keiki loses his balance and is caught by Shoma. Nanjo whips out her cellphone and snaps a bunch of pictures of the scene. Afterwards they continue to have fun, and Keiki begins to walk Nanjo home. It starts raining, and they seek shelter. They argue a little about what Nanjo saw the day previously, and Keiki gets Nanjo a warm drink. When he returns he catches her looking at a picture of Shoma on her phone, he poses that she likes Shoma. This causes her to storm off.

Keiki then is consoled by his sister, Yuika, and Sayuki to once again make up with Nanjo. He decides to go all in and apologizes to her after class, telling her he will do anything for her. Nanjo then asks him to be a couple.. with Shoma.

We find out that Nanjo is a fujoshi and BL manga author who writes a story based around Shoma and Keiki, who are called Short and Cake in the manga. She tells Keiki that if he won’t form a relationship with Shoma, that she’ll do everything in her power to stop him from getting in a relationship with any other girls.

The episode ends shortly after with Keiki finding another note in his locker, this time containing a compromising picture of his hand in Sayuki’s breasts from when he grabbed the key last episode.

Episode Thoughts

Well, I wasn’t sure what sort of fetish we’d see next in HenSuki but there we have it, Nanjo is a fujoshi. I didn’t expect this one at all until it was hinted at in this episode. I’ll be honest, it completely changes my image of Nanjo. I had her pegged as a more serious person, so it was a little unsettling to see her act the way she did in the end. But I guess we’d probably have seen that side of her no matter what her fetish was.

Nanjo pledged to sabotage Keiki’s chances with other girls, but I also wonder if she’s going to try and get Keiki together with Shoma as well. BL isn’t really my thing, but it will add to the chaos. Last episode was really enjoyable due to how Keiki was pushed into uncomfortable situations, and as I’ve mentioned I want to see more of that. I’m hoping that what we get is just a non-stop battle of the female characters dragging Keiki through the mud.

I’ll also mention now that I had my suspicions that Keiki’s sister, Mizuha, is a brocon, and I’m almost certain that is the case now. The scene where she consoled him over the Nanjo situation seemed a little too.. close. And the way she was looking at him while stroking his hair – seems a bit much, don’t you think? I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until we get confirmation on this.

And so we’ll just have to wait and see what HenSuki throws at us next! Will another fetish be revealed? Or will we see more chaos with Nanjo’s secret now out in the open? I’m looking forward to finding out!

Episode Highlights

Unfortunately there weren’t too many ecchi moments this episode. I’d like to think that the best ecchi is yet to come though in this anime as it continues to heat up!

Mad Nanjo

Day At The Arcade

Nanjo In The Rain

Consolation From Sayuki and Yuika

Mizuha’s Consolation

Nanjo Confession

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