HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute? (Episode 5) – Den of Perverts

Keiki is back to the drawing board when it comes to finding his Cinderella, now that we’ve found out that Nanjo is yet another pervert. Will Keiki have any luck in his search this time around?

Operation: Koharu is a First-Year Student

Last episode ended with Keiki finding a compromising photo of him and Sayuki in his shoe locker. Accompanying the photo was a letter telling him to go to the astronomy club. So Keiki goes to the club, and meets a certain girl.

But first, the anime jumps to the next day, where Keiki visits the calligraphy club that he is still a member of. There he snaps some photos of Yuika in a bunny-girl outfit, because Yuika has just joined the club in order to get closer to Keiki, and Sayuki made her wear the outfit in order to join. We also find out that Nanjo has joined, and will be offering Sayuki the latest in her BL works as payment. Sayuki then poisons Yuika’s mind with Nanjo’s BL…

We then find out who the girl at the astronomy club was. Her name is Koharu Otori, and she is a stalker. Turns out the astronomy club, which is just her, has been turned into a giant shrine for Keiki’s friend Shoma. And Koharu has decided to blackmail Keiki into helping her get closer to the love of her life, the man she’s been stalking for quite some time.

We learn more about her and find out that Koharu is perfect for Shoma, but there’s one issue. She’s older than him. And considering Shoma likes younger girls, this could be a problem. After talking with his sister Keiki gets the idea to have Koharu wear the same coloured skirt as first-years in order to trick Shoma into thinking she is younger than him.

The plan goes into action and works perfectly, with Koharu getting Shoma’s phone number as well as a picture with him. Keiki ends up confiding in Koharu regarding his Cinderella situation, and she poses the possibility that anyone who was in the building that day could be his Cinderella.

The episode ends with the vice-president, Fujimoto, (of the student council, I’d imagine) tripping on the stairs and falling on top of Keiki, where she clings to him and asks him to stay like that for a little longer..

Episode Thoughts

It’s been settled. The calligraphy club has been turned into a den of perverts, as per Keiki himself! With all three girls in the same club as Keiki, I have to imagine that his after-school activities are going to get quite a bit more interesting going forward! Or maybe we’ll just see Sayuki and Yuika argue with each other every episode now…

We’ve also been introduced to a new pervert*. Is stalking considered perverted when it’s a one sided love like Koharu’s has been? I’m going to say that it is, but we can leave an asterisk on that one for now. What’s amazing is that we’ve got a pervert* who is not after Keiki for once. Not only this, but she has quickly become his confidant. Considering she has compromising photos of him, I suppose it makes sense for Keiki to just spill the beans on what has been happening.

It’s a bit of a shame, because Koharu has quickly become one of the cutest girls in the show! Yuika used to hold that spot, and she still has some adorable pouts, but her sadist side put a damper on her cuteness. It’s still a close race though, so we’ll have to continue following the situation to see who comes out on top.

Finally, we’ve been introduced to yet another girl in the very end with Fujimoto. Now, Fujimoto fell onto Keiki and then asked him to let her stay like that for a little longer – normally you’d assume this is because she likes him. BUT! This is HenSuki! Don’t let your guard down just yet.

Maybe she is purposely holding him down while someone else takes compromising photos to blackmail him with! She seems like a sweetheart, but maybe she is actually a cold-hearted woman who is going to falsely accuse Keiki of holding her down or somethinig.. Regardless I’m sure Cinderella won’t be found that easy.

Overall, this was yet another excellent episode of HenSuki. I’m absolutely loving the direction this anime is going in, and we’re still being introduced to more girls as we go. We’ll just have to wait until next week to find out what’s going on with Fujimoto. And I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the den of perverts…!

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