HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute? (Episode 6) – Investigating Fujimoto

Last episode we were introduced to another potential Cinderella candidate – Fujimoto, the student council’s vice-president. She seemed awfully clingy to Keiki after she fell on top of him. Could she be the one?

Cinderella Came Falling Down?!

After his encounter with Fujimoto, Keiki heads to the faculty office to ask Okita-sensei if she saw anyone in the club building on the day that the club room was cleaned (and the letter was found). She mentions that she walked by Fujimoto. Keiki then has another close encounter with Fujimoto outside. Afterwards, he meets with Otori who has been investigating Fujimoto for Keiki. In the end though there is nothing really conclusive.

Keiki then heads to the club room, where Yuika is all alone. He trips on a wire that she had set up and falls onto the ground. Yuika then sits on top of Keiki and proceeds to massage his chest, because she had a dream where he massaged her chest and she wanted payback. As he’s flailing about Keiki accidentally grabs one of Yuika’s breasts, causing her to get angry and storm out of the room. Fujimoto shows up afterwards on student council duty to inspect the room.

Fujimoto invites Keiki to help pick up litter as a part of a school initiative. Sayuki also ends up coming, making it the three of them. Sayuki pulls Keiki aside and pushes him down, mentioning that she doesn’t like how he has been getting so much attention by other girls. Keiki remembers some advice his grandfather gave him about handling big dogs, which is apparently to touch their butt. So he massages Sayuki’s butt, causing her to back off, but also providing her with some enjoyment.

Sayuki leaves after due to embarrassment, and Fujimoto falls into the nearby river. Keiki lends her his jacket. The next day, she invites him to the student council clubroom and gives him some tea and apple pie as thanks. Keiki falls asleep, and when he wakes up, Fujimoto is stripping his pants off. He confronts her and we discover that Fujimoto has a smell fetish…

Episode Thoughts

Fujimoto being Cinderella would have been too good to be true. We JUST met her for a few minutes last episode, after all. I knew there was a catch, and it turns out the catch was that Fujimoto just wanted to smell Keiki, which is why she’s been so clingy. I was a little surprised to find out that she has a smell fetish, which I didn’t realize was even a thing, but I guess I shouldn’t have been…

It feels like Yuika has been losing a lot of steam recently. She used to be so assertive, but after last episode where she was dressed up by Sayuki / Nanjo, and this episode where she ran away in embarrassment, Yuika doesn’t seem as dominant as she seemed back in episodes 2 & 3. I wonder if she’ll bounce back or not. Just an observation anyways.

Sayuki on the other hand has been just as pushy as always. I’m not so sure about Keiki’s grandfather’s advice, but I’m pretty sure that doing anything sexual will just encourage Sayuki. She ended up leaving Keiki this episode, but she might want to up the ante going forward.

Overall, I love where this series is headed. How many perverted girls are going to be chasing after Keiki? We’re at 4 now with Sayuki, Yuika, Nanjo, and Fujimoto. Seems like there’s room for more, if you ask me!

I have two final thoughts that I want to put into words here just in case they happen next episode.

First is Keiki’s sister. I knew she had some sort of feelings toward him, and I assumed it was just that she was a bro-con. But Lynn pointed out something interesting – she acts very motherly towards Keiki. She did so again this episode. Ever since Lynn mentioned that, I’ve been convinced that she indeed has some sort of motherly fetish towards Keiki, where she just wants to baby him.

Second is Okita-sensei. We don’t know too much about her, but she was there on the day that Keiki found the letter. I still wonder if she’s going to play a role in this at all? Would a teacher going after one of her students be considered a fetish? I’m thinking it could be.

We’ll just have to wait and see if either of these theories plays out. I’m 100% convinced about Keiki’s sister, and am sure we’ll see an episode revolving around her soon enough. Okita-sensei, well, it’s definitely a possibility.

Once again, there’s so much to look forward to!

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