HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute? (Episode 7) – Lolicon Confession

Keiki continues his support of Otori and her pursuit of Shoma. This time around he suggests going on a double date with her and Shoma… but who will he choose to accompany him?

Operation: Koharu is a First-Year Student – Conclusion

Keiki suggested going on a double date with Otori & Shoma, but that means he has to decide who to take with him. By process of elimination, he settles on Sayuki, as Yuika is younger than Shoma and might trigger his lolicon desires, Nanjo wants Shoma in a BL relationship with Keiki, and Fujimoto might try and smell Shoma during the date. Thus, Sayuki became the safest choice.

They all meet at the bowling alley, where Sayuki promptly mentions that she has never bowled before. She then suggests a punishment game, where the winner gets to draw on the loser’s face, and the winner gets to issue one command to the person in third place. Her reason for making the punishment worse for the third place person is because she was banking on Otori doing worse than her, given Otori’s small size.

Otori ends up winning, with Sayuki in last and Shoma in third place. Her request of Shoma is that she would like to call him Shoma-kun, which he is happy about.

A while later Otori tells Keiki that she won’t need his help any longer. She decides to confess to Shoma, and reveal that she is actually one year older than him. After school she does just this. But Shoma rejects her, telling her that he is a lolicon.

Afterwards, Keiki talks with Shoma in the park, telling him about how Otori took an entire year to work up the courage to talk to him, all the effort she had put in. Keiki takes Shoma to school and has him wait outside the astrology room – he goes inside and consoles Otori, until she is fired up. Shoma then walks in and apologizes, asking if they can be friends. Otori accepts, and everything works out perfectly.

Until Shoma turns on the lights, revealing all of Otori’s stalker photos of him, plastered all over the walls and ceiling of the room…

Episode Thoughts

This was actually a very heartfelt episode. Despite the funny twist ending, most of the episode felt like it was straight out of a rom-com. In addition, there was no ecchi content this time around, which was disappointing.

Otori in particular has been a great character, although she almost doesn’t feel believable. She’s a super stalker, but not once has she acted crazy. Instead, around people she’s very normal and kind. Maybe she still has something to hide? I honestly hope so, because at the moment she just feels unbalanced, like she doesn’t fit the “stalker” description.

Anyways, I thought this was a very tame episode. Too tame, to be honest. I’ve gone all in on looking forward to crazy harem happenings, centered around Keiki, and ecchi material. Unfortunately, we didn’t get either of those things this episode.

And so I’d say my verdict on this episode in particular is that while it was cute, it didn’t feel like a HenSuki episode… until the very end. I just think they could have given us more content in line with previous episodes, and they definitely had the opportunity with Sayuki in the episode. Plus, there’s always a way to get ecchi in the episode somehow, right?

I’m sure next episode will be back on track though, making this just a small detour in the series.

Episode Highlights

Bowling Double Date

Otori’s Confession

After The Confession

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