HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute? (Episode 8) – S&M

Keiki is spending his day off at home, with his sister. Or so he thought, until Sayuki shows up, leading to some trouble… and then Yuika shows up right after! It’s a double attack from the sadist and the masochist. Keiki isn’t even safe in his own home!

The Prince Lost His Panties?!

The episode opens up with Keiki walking in on his sister, Mizuha, as she is getting changed. He stares at her for a good while, before she says something and he leaves while apologizing. Later on he talks with Mizuha. He asks her what she would think if he wanted to make someone his pet, or make someone his slave, or smell a girl’s panties…

Naturally, her response is that she would call the police for all of these things. He then tells her that he wants to fall in love, which she is supportive of. A horoscope comes on the TV, and there is mention of a trend where girls wear pink in order to get luckier with the guy they like. The lady also mentions watching out for sudden visitors.

And just that is mentioned, the doorbell rings. It’s Sayuki. She visited because she was bored. But we know that’s not the case. Soon afterwards in Keiki’s room Sayuki puts on some dog paws, a tail, and dog ears. She asks Keiki to treat her like a dog, and when he refuses, she threatens to show Mizuha the BL works of Nanjo. And so Keiki treats Sayuki like a dog, petting her head, and then petting her stomach…

Mizuha pops in with some refreshments, only to see what is happening… Keiki runs down to explain to her, and Sayuki leaves shortly after.

The doorbell rings again, and this time it’s Yuika! You can guess what happens next. They go to Keiki’s room, and Yuika asks him to wear a bunnygirl outfit. He refuses, but then she threatens to show Mizuha the BL works of Nanjo. And so Keiki wears the bunnygirl outfit. Yuika begins to take off her panties to give to Keiki as reward when she falls on top of him.

The noise causes Mizuha to come and ask what’s happening… Keiki then runs down to explain to her, and Yuika then leaves.

Keiki then talks to Nanjo on the phone for a bit, and finds out the two had planned their attack in the clubroom when he wasn’t there. Afterwards, Keiki talks with Mizuha while drying her hair. That night, he discovers that the Cinderella panties he had kept under his mattress were missing!

The next day, he talks with Otori and Shoma about the situation. They all seem convinced that Sayuki or Yuika took the panties. They also all seem convinced that whoever took the panties WAS Cinderella, and was taking them back…

The episode ends with Keiki confronting Sayuki. Not about the panties, but about her becoming his pet. We see the two of them on a date at what looks like an amusement park, and we find out that Sayuki is Keiki’s pet for the day…

Episode Thoughts

What an episode! You know, I had been wondering if we were going to get some more Sayuki and Yuika action sometime soon, and here we go. We also got to see much more of Mizuha too, although she felt more like a sister this episode. That said, she did seem a little irritated about what happened, and declared that Keiki was HER brother. So maybe it’s not a motherly fetish, but just a bro-con type of fetish?

I’ll be disappointed if Mizuha doesn’t have some sort of fetish!

As for the whole Cinderella situation… it doesn’t really add up for me. Just because someone took the panties, doesn’t mean they ARE Cinderella. Maybe someone was just jealous that Keiki had a pair of panties in his room, and took them. And while the suspects are Sayuki and Yuika, there was a period of time where Keiki was on the phone with Nanjo and Mizuha could have taken the panties.

The way it’s set up, I can’t help but suspect Mizuha the most, considering the anime isn’t focusing on her. Just like with Cinderella and the initial suspects, I just feel like there’s got to be some sort of twist there. The thing is, unless a new character is introduced, the last two “X factor” suspects are Mizuha and the teacher. So I’m going to keep banking on it being one of them.

To close this out I’ll just say that this was an excellent episode. HenSuki has really turned out to be a real gem of an anime and it’s been a lot of fun trying to guess what will happen next. Plus, when there is ecchi content, it’s usually top notch!

Ecchi Highlights

The Siblings, Keiki & Mizuha

Sayuki Arrives

Yuika Arrives

The Aftermath

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