HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute? (Episode 9) – Keiki’s Gambit

Keiki takes Sayuki to an amusement park as his pet for the day. His goal? To uncover whether she was the one who took the Cinderella panties from his room or not. But how is he going to accomplish this?

Operation: Keiki is a Master Now!!

Keiki mentions going on a rollercoaster when Sayuki begins to act odd, mentioning that she was wearing a skirt and it would be embarrassing. This leads Keiki to believe that perhaps Sayuki had not only taken the Cinderella panties, but is wearing them! He proceeds to take her on all sorts of rides that could result in her skirt flipping up so he can see. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work in his favour.

Sayuki asks to go in the ferris wheel, and she ends up licking Keiki’s face. Afterwards they go to an exhibit where Sayuki’s calligraphy work is featured, and then proceed home. On the way home, Keiki realizes he has no choice, and asks Sayuki to show him her panties. She flips up her skirt only for Keiki to find that she wasn’t wearing any panties at all.

The next day Sayuki is still embarrassed about Keiki seeing her with no panties. She tries to concentrate on writing in the clubroom but Yuika is all over Keiki, trying to elicit a response from Sayuki. After Yuika and Nanjo have left, Keiki talks with Sayuki. He decides to outright confront her, and asks if she stole the underwear from his room. She admits that she has, and then flips up her skirt to show that she stole a pair of Keiki’s boxers and is wearing them.

Keiki notices Yuika waiting at the school entrance, without an umbrella, as it’s pouring outside. He walks her home, and she invites him in for some tea. While she is gone, he begins to rifle through her panties searching for the Cinderella panties. She returns faster than he realizes though. And she has an incriminating photo of him going through her panties…

Episode Thoughts

While I think that this episode overall was quite good, just about as good as what I’ve come to expect from HenSuki, I’ll admit that there was some missed potential with Keiki being Sayuki’s master for a day. Even if he didn’t order her to do anything crazy, it would have been nice if Keiki had given Sayuki more orders to follow. Instead of being her master, it felt more like they had just went to the amusement park together. While on the ferris wheel Sayuki put a collar on temporarily, but I didn’t really see the point of it.

That said, if there’s one thing that HenSuki does with no shame, it’s create cliffhangers. Once again Keiki finds himself on the receiving end of some blackmail, and there’s only one thing Yuika wants – to be HIS master. As Sayuki and Yuika have emerged to be the two primary “perverts” in HenSuki, it’s not surprising that they wanted to give more time to Yuika after Sayuki got a lot of screentime.

I guess my one criticism is that I’d like to see more variety. Nanjo and Fujimoto seemed to have fallen completely off the radar the moment their fetishes were revealed, and Otori is interested in a different guy. Which leaves us only with Yuika and Sayuki – the S and the M. At this rate I don’t forsee any other girls being introduced, so it’ll probably continue to play out focusing on those two.

Although, I’m still thinking that Keiki’s sister is the Cinderella. Or at the very least, she’s the one who took the panties from Keiki’s room.

We’ll just have to keep watching and see what happens next!

Episode Highlights

Sayuki Date

Yuika in the Clubroom

Sayuki’s Confession

Keiki Caught Red Handed

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