HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute? (Season One)

HenSuki, one of my most anticipated titles of the Summer 2019 anime season. I could tell from the title alone, that this was going to be something special. So how did HenSuki do?

HenSuki Girls

HenSuki: Would You Love a Pervert as Long as She’s Cute?

An interesting twist on the standard harem anime. Would you love a pervert as long as she’s cute? Our protagonist, Keiki, ends up faced with that exact question. One day after helping clean the calligraphy club’s clubroom, Keiki finds a mysterious love letter and a pair of panties left behind for him.

Not knowing who left the letter, the writer is dubbed “Cinderella” and Keiki partakes on a quest to find out who Cinderella really is. On the way he encounters many girls who have secrets of their own… in the form of various perverted fetishes!

Harem with a Twist

Keiki is very much a standard harem protagonist. He’s not particularly special in any way whatsoever, he’s indecisive, and he has no issues letting women push him around. But there’s a reason why this character type is used for harem anime… and that’s to let the harem go wild!

And what a harem it is. Because what makes HenSuki different is that each girl has a different fetish that they try to subject Keiki to. Sadist, masochist, BL obsessed, and smell fetish… there’s also a stalker, but she’s not after Keiki, instead going after his friend. Anyways, the twist HenSuki uses of various fetishes is most certainly interesting.

Fetishes & Finding Cinderella

The formula used for the anime works well, with Keiki gaining new clues or suspicions about girls and then investigating whether or not they are the one who left behind the letter and panties – only to confront them and find out something else entirely!

It’s a fun way to move through the anime, but I will say that I almost wish the anime went further with the fetishes. Especially the masochism and sadism, where I feel like there was potential for some more fun situations.

With Sayuki and her masochism, she seemed mostly interested in being treated like a dog, and that was pretty much it. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other ways that Sayuki could have been used as a masochist that would have created some very ecchi and different situations. That said, I think Sayuki was a fairly good character overall, and stayed true to her desire to be treated like a dog.

Yuika, on the other hand, felt very disappointing. She started out with a lot of potential, and it seemed like maybe she was going to seriously mess with Keiki, making him her slave or whatever. But Yuika didn’t seem like a very good sadist. Even when she had Keiki be her slave for a day, she just had him carry bags for her like a servant. Lot of missed potential here, I’d say.

HenSuki Sayuki Pat
Ecchi Art Digital Sub

Season Highlights

Regardless of some small issues regarding the use of the fetishes, we still got a solid season full of ecchi highlights! At the end of the day, this is the most important quality for an ecchi anime, right?

HenSuki Sayuki
HenSuki Swimsuits


Story Rating – Great

While there are a couple of detours along the way, the story of Keiki finding the letter / panties, searching for Cinderella, discovering all sorts of perverts, and then eventually finding the true Cinderella in the end was great. Without a doubt, the story for HenSuki holds up very well and is a fun little journey.

Ecchi Rating – Hot

There are a couple episodes that are a bit lacking in ecchi content, but overall, the ecchi in this series is great. It’s not over the top, but the situations and various girls in the show work perfectly to give us some great ecchi. Over the course of the season there’s more than enough ecchi to merit a Hot rating.

In Conclusion…

HenSuki is a harem anime with a clear and well thought-out design that just works. While it felt like it held back a little when it came to the actual fetishes / perversions, overall it’s a very solid ecchi anime with some very solid ecchi content. When a story works out as well as this one, the ecchi really is a big bonus!

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