High School DxD BorN (Episode 5) – The Last Day of Summer Break!

The battle with Loki continues as Issei has taken a killing blow and Rias is about to unleash some powerful magic! We’ll see the battle’s conclusion and aftermath in this episode of High School DxD!

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The Last Day of Summer Break!

In her anger, Rias begins to channel a powerful spell that apparently will cause her to die alongside Issei. However, as this is happening, a phoenix tear falls out of Issei’s jacket, which it turns out was given to him by Ravel Phoenix. Kuroka and Arthur Pendragon arrive and kidnap Fenrir before leaving. After being revived, the others distract Loki while Issei wields Mjolnir to defeat Loki.

After the battle, Rias and friends head home. Koneko has come to accept her nekomata powers, and Akeno, seeing this, decides to try and overcome her own personal issues. To do this, she asks Issei on a date, after which, she tells Issei about her parents and how she blames her father, Baraqiel, for her mother’s death. However, as she recounts the story, she ends up realizing that it wasn’t her father’s fault, and making him a bento to try and get closer to him once again.

Episode Thoughts


Well, that’s the end to that. Loki was an idiot, and apparently we weren’t the only ones that thought so, as his own “allies” ended up betraying him and stealing his dog! Well deserved, and it’s a good thing he isn’t the ultimate enemy of this season. That said, I wonder what Vali’s ultimate goal is.

Overall not a bad episode, we got to see a lot of Akeno which is always good. Her backstory seemed a little weak though. I know they hinted at it in the past, but then it seemed like they just rushed through it, and Akeno just ended up realizing “Oh…” on her own, it didn’t seem like Issei really did anything. Regardless… how about Akeno in that dress? Pretty good!


Agreed! Loki was hopeless, but than pales in comparison to Issei failing to say “It’s hammer time!” when he picked up Mjolnir. You can’t pass up an opportunity like that. Anyhow, back to Loki. He was utterly useless and basically a massive disappointment.

It was nice seeing more of Akeno and it’s hard not to completely fall for her, however, they definitely rushed her backstory and seemed to favour the melodramatic. The one thing that I’m actually enjoying that I don’t think they really do much with is how Rias appeared before all the different members of her family when things were darkest for them to offer them another choice.

It seems like such a dark and sinister tactic that it doesn’t really fit with the series, but would absolutely be something I could watch. As for the rest of the show, there’s lots of little random things that happen which make no sense without the knowledge of what happens in the future, like the sudden appearance of Sairaorg. It all seems a little lazy as far as storytelling goes.

Episode Highlights

Loki’s End!

Going Home!

Date with Akeno!

Mid Episode Transitions!

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