High School DxD BorN (Episode 1) – Summer Break! Off to the Underworld!

It’s the next season of High School DxD! We’ll see how the story continues from where the last one left off.

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Summer Break! Off to the Underworld!

Issei wakes up after having a dream of Raynare to Rias, Asia, and Akeno in his bed. From there, we learn that his house has been transformed into a mansion. After breakfast with his family and all the girls of the occult research club, they head out to school.

In the club room after school we find out that Rias is returning to the Underworld, and she’s bringing the club with her. They take a train, and on the way they are teleported somewhere and attacked by a dragon. After they are defeated, Rias and Azazel appear, revealing that it was a test of sorts. After that, at the Gremory estate, everyone enjoys the hot springs while something regarding Koneko’s sister is hinted at.

Episode Thoughts


I was a bit surprised to see the episode jump right into the action, at least in the later half of the episode. Coming directly from last season, it’s nice to get right to it. Although there’s not too much in terms of intrigue or anything, just the fact that everyone has hopped on a train and is now in the Underworld sets us up for an interesting second episode.

In addition, we got a lot of fan service, as you’d expect, although I have to admit that I don’t like fan service in the form of daydreams as much. I know the art is there, but for some reason knowing that it’s not “real” in the context of the actual characters puts a damper on things. Anyways, I thought it was a strong first episode for the season.


As far as season openers go, this was pretty disappointing. It just felt like it was going through the motions – Issei dreams about boobs, wakes up to find real boobs, can’t cope with the idea of real boobs, etc.

It’s nice that they mentioned the other systems including Asgard, but it feels like we’re just getting told stuff all the time now rather than discovering it through action. The fight was all right though. I just feel like all of the things about the first season that were so good have been chipped away. Sure, we have the same girls who are all great, but it just doesn’t have the same tone and atmosphere.

I know I enjoyed this series much more the first time I watched it, but it’s not living up to my memories so far.

Episode Highlights

Issei’s Dream!

Good Morning!

Trip to the Underworld!

Mid Episode Transitions!

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