High School DxD BorN (Episode 11) – I Will Fight!

With Rias somehow mind-controlled and in the abyss, it’s up to Issei and the rest of the occult research club to rescue her. Which will require the aid of Vali and his crew…

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I Will Fight!

After learning about Rias’ whereabouts, the occult research club meet with Azazel and Sir Zechs to discuss the situation. It’s decided that they can go, but they have to go as independent actors, because no one associated with the devils should be seen associated with the Khaos Brigade, who are needed to access the void.

After meeting with the Khaos Brigade, the occult research club is brought to the void, where they find Rias. Rias begins to attack, and soon only Issei is able to remain in the void, the rest being sent back. Rias somehow summons her own dragon-like armour and fights with Issei.

Episode Thoughts


Well, it honestly didn’t feel like very much happened this episode. First was discussion with Azazel and Sir Zechs, then it was some discussion with the Khaos Brigade, and then it was just a short stint in the void until everyone is sent back except for Issei. I don’t know, it just felt like a really empty episode.

I think that the season leading up to this has just left me not caring about the story anymore. That, and there wasn’t really any fan service, so I just finished this episode having not really enjoyed anything.


I completely agree with everything you’ve said there. When the episode ended, I found myself wondering what had actually happened. There was a lot of talking and posturing, but none of it really seemed to matter since they were going to do whatever they wanted anyhow, and Vali just does whatever anyhow.

Unfortunately, this season has been pretty forgettable really. I almost feel like I shouldn’t have rewatched it and just lived with the nostalgia fueled memory of how I remembered it.

Episode Highlights


Entering the Void!

Mid Episode Transitions!

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