High School DxD BorN (Episode 12) – Any Time, For All Time!

It’s the conclusion of High School DxD BorN! Issei works to free Rias from Loki’s mind control, and afterwards we get a little bit of after-story to close things out!

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Any Time, For All Time!

Issei takes a beating from Rias until he manages to get through to her, freeing her from Loki’s control. After this, Loki’s fake Issei arrives and transforms into another Red Dragon, as if we didn’t have enough with Rias and Issei’s previous fight. Issei then unlocks a new ability, two cannons, and blasts the fake Issei away. After this, the Dragon of Dragons leads Rias and Issei to safety.

With the conflict over with, everyone celebrates Rias’ return. Issei’s parents return, Rossweisse is brought into Rias’ devil family, Issei gets a gig as the “Boob Dragon” for a devil kids show, and we see clips of the sports festival at school, where Rossweisse is now a teacher.

Episode Thoughts


As far as end of season epic-battles go, this was kind of tame. Issei got hit around a bunch and never managed to fight back, instead, he just seemed to wait for her memories to take over and help her break free. At least make a fight of it.

Then, Fake Issei shows up and mega-evolves into the Juggernaut drive, but of course, Issei can just whip out his two new cannons. Not like that was a deus ex machina or anything. Some foreshadowing would have been nice.

After that, we got to probably my favorite moment in the season and that was Rias and Issei on that beach in the middle of the void. It felt like Issei and Rias both got a lot of their chests and told each other how they feel, which was nice. All in, it wasn’t the show I remembered, and knowing how the next season goes, it makes my favorite scene completely irrelevant… so, thanks!


That does it for DxD BorN. I wasn’t really excited for the actual fight between Issei and RIas, mainly because I knew exactly how it would go, which is exactly how it went. The fake Issei transforming and all that didn’t really excite me either, I was pretty much done with the conflict side of the story by this episode.

I did enjoy the second half more. I wonder if this is really what the season was lacking, just some more casual content like the images of the sports festival and whatnot. We got some fan service of Issei waking up surrounded by breasts, but we’ve seen this so many times already that it’d be nice to get some more variety.

Anyways, the season became a bit uninteresting but I thought that the ending of this episode was pretty good at least.

Episode Highlights

Freeing Rias!

Defeating Fake Issei!

Dimensional Beach!

Bed Harem!


Mid-Episode Transitions!

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